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A Reflection of Educator and Child Development Officer Home Visit

  • Educator

  • Date and time in

  • Educator Home

  • note time

  • Children in Care:

  • Children Absent:

  • Vacancies/Charges to days/hours:

  • Other Adults / Children Present:

CDO Observations

  • Daily Program and follow up completed, displayed and are reflective of the NQF, NQS QA 1; Regulations 73-76<br>

  • Children’s Portfolios up to date and accessible and are reflective of the NQF, including school aged children in care NQS QA 1; Regulations 73-76<br>

  • QIP Goal Progress NQS Areas:<br>

  • Security /front door key locked at all times and keys readily accessible NQS QA 3 ;National Law: Section 167, Regulation 99<br>

  • Educator’s interactions and routine <br>e.g.: arrival & departure, nappy change ,hand washing, mealtimes, sleep time, water accessible NQS QA 5.1; Regulations 112, 155, 156, 168<br>

  • Environment reflective of children’s current interests, skills and abilities, NQS QA 3 and 5 ; Regulations 73-76<br>

  • Educator demonstrates sustainable practices NQS QA 3 and 5, Regulation 73-76<br>

Work Health & Safety of the Indoors

  • House has adequate ventilation

  • Barriers in place <br>

  • Sufficient lighting<br>

  • General Environment tidy <br>

  • Temperature comfortable <br>

  • Play areas safe <br>

  • Children are supervised NQS QA 2 and 3; National Law Section 167 Regulations 103—117<br>

Work, Health and Safety of the Outdoor

  • Sufficient shade

  • Lawns and yard tidy<br>

  • Hose connected

  • Children are supervised<br>NQS QA 2 and 3<br>National Law Section 165, 167<br>Regulation 104, 108, 113, 114, 115, 116, 168, 117<br><br>

  • Daily Safety and Rest time Checklist up to date and displayed. NQS QA 2 and 3; National Law 167,Regulation 116<br>

  • Accident/Incident Reports Checked and signed off<br>

  • National Law, Regulations, National Quality Standards, EYLF, MTOP and Policies accessible NQS QA ALL AREAS, Regulation; 76, 171<br>

  • Monthly policies to be reviewed and notifications of changes to policies and procedures are displayed NQS QA ALL AREAS, Regulation; 171, 172<br>

  • Television / Computer / Radio / Music NQS QA 1<br>

  • Educators Learning Experiences:

  • CDO's Learning Experiences

  • Follow Up From Previous Visit

  • Paperwork Given to Educator

  • Paperwork to be returned to the Office

  • Monthly / Quarterly Checks Completed

  • Description of what the children were engaged in during visit

  • General Comments

  • Educators Comments

  • Follow Up from this Visit

  • “I am aware that the maximum number of children I can care for under school age is 4, and the maximum number of children under 13 years is 7. My own children are included in these numbers. During my registered service hours of business I can only care for children registered with Merrylands/Holroyd FDC Scheme. I will notify the Merrylands/Holroyd FDC Scheme if there are any changes that occur to my residence or the people living in that residence that are different from my home Safety audit” EDUCATOR SIGN:

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  • CDO Sign

  • Select date

  • Any issues raised with the Centre Director

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