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Members of staff present:


Is safety included on agenda of quarterly review meetings?

Safety Noticeboard up to date with required contents?

Floors and Aisles

Surfaces Safe & Suitable?

Free from Slip/Trip Hazards?

Stock / Material stored safely?

Aisles unobstructed?

Floors swept and clean?


Is storage secure and adequate for needs?

Shelves neat, tidy and in good condition?

Floors around Stacks/Racks clear

Heavier items stored low if practicable

Racks secured with suitable fasteners to prevent collapse

Racks labelled with suppliers Safe Working Loads (SWL's) Chart

Storage does not exceed safe working load

Lighting and storage adequate in storerooms

Where necessary, approved device provided for climbing to upper shelves i.e. Platform ladder

Manual Handling

Are workers using minimal force/effort to perform tasks?

Are workers able to perform tasks with their arms close to their bodies?

Are mechanical aids available to use e.g. Trolleys, trolley jacks

First Aid

First aid box present and compliant?

Kits fully stocked

Fire Extinguishers and Other Fire Fighting Equipment

Clearly accessible and unobstructed

Correctly located

Tested every 12 months

Equipment clean and free of dust

Hose and nozzle appear in good condition

Water supply checked regularly

Sign posted clearly and correctly

Emergency exit signs operating

Exit doors free of obstructions

Electrical Installations - switches, leads power points

Plugs, sockets, switches in good working condition

No signs of fraying or wear on cords

Leads in good condition?

Cables and leads not running across floors and passageways

No double adaptors or piggy - backing of cords

Machinery / Tools

Is your equipment regularly serviced and maintained according to manufacturers instructions

Fitted guards are in place and functioning

Warning / decals fitted where appropriate?

Emergency stops identified and operational


Emergency lighting and exit signs functional

Switches in safe condition

Diffusers fitted on fluorescent lights

Are all lighting devices safe and not damaged

Chemicals, batteries, oil and gas

Is the safety cabinet clean and tidy

Is there adequate storage for hazardous materials

Adequate ventilation within storage areas

No substance stored in unmarked or incorrectly marked containers

Correct personal protective equipment for use with substances is available I.e. boots, aprons, gloves, goggles etc

Ladders and Stairs

Ladders in good repair?

Personal Protective Equipment

Readily available if required?

Portable Electrical Equipment

Tested and tagged

Safety Signs




Exit and fire equipment signs visible



Doorways clear

Sign posted where appropriate

Clearly defined

Doors not propped open

Are not slippery or wet

Waste Management

Correct disposal of substances evident


Adequate provision for rubbish bins in workplace

Not overflowing

Vermin controls in place

No obvious litter lying around the workplace


Doorways clear?

Safety signs in place?

Bin securely locked?

Bin secured to wall?

Stairways clear of rubbish?

Stairs & walls in good condition?

Roof area clear of rubbish?

Warning signs in place & in good condition

No visible leaks?

Overall assessment of exterior?