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1: Context of the organization


  • Please complete all sections. Remember to attach evidence to items where required, and to sign off and complete this assessment/inspection in the final section.

1.1 Licenses.

  • Do you have a valid Civil Defense license?

  • Do you have a valid DOH license?

  • Do you have a valid MCC certificate?

  • Do you have a valid Trade license?

  • Do you have a valid Hassantuk certificate?

  • Do you have a valid canteen license (ADAFSA)?

  • Do you have a valid transportation contract?

1.2 AMC contracts

  • Do you have a valid CCTV AMC?

  • Do you have a valid Security contract?

  • Do you have a valid Life guard AMC contract.

  • Do you have a valid AMC contract for nurses?

  • Do you have a valid pest control contract?

  • Has all contracted staff been added to ADEK pass?

  • Has all the contractors that will work on-site signed the Permit to work?

  • Has an induction been carried out on all contractors that will be on-site?

1.3 Inspections

  • Was monthly bus inspections completed?

  • Was the weekly cleaning checklist completed?

  • Has all planned PPM been completed on HVAC systems?

  • Was daily building inspections completed, and concerns raised?

  • Has inspection been completed on the CCTV system?

  • Was inspections completed on Electrical rooms and service room to ensure it is not being used for storage?

  • Was inspection completed on classrooms?

  • Is the tank cleaning schedule followed?

  • Is the Water tank testing completed as per schedule?

  • Has pest control been completed in all areas and there are no visible signs of pests?

  • Have you checked that fire extinguishers and fire hose reels have been inspected by a third-party contractor?

  • Have all play areas and equipment been inspected?

  • Has a canteen inspection been conducted?

1.4 Asset verification

  • Have you completed the monthly asset verification and shared the excel sheet?

  • Have all transfer requests been approved and shared?

  • Has all disposal requests been approved and shared?

  • Have any additional assets been requested from ADEK?

  • Have all newly purchased FF and E been updated on the assets list?

  • Have all newly purchased FF and E been asset tagged?

2. TPA Accommodation

  • Has the move-in checklist been signed by tenant and shared with HR?

  • Has the move-out checklist been completed and signed?

  • Has the Sublease agreement been shared by HR?

  • Have all vacant apartments utility bills been covered by the school allocated to them?

3. Purchase orders- ERP

  • Have all POs been raised for the current month?

  • Has the order been received and handed to relevant department?

  • Have all received invoices been signed, stamped and put away?

4. Planning

4.1 Planning

  • Has regular maintenance been planned and required material sourced?

  • Is there a tracker in place to track the validity of AMC contracts?

  • Is there a tracker in place to track the validity of all regulatory licenses?

  • Is there a PPM schedule available for all maintenance-related units? (HVAC, water tank cleaning, Swimming pool, general maintenance, ect.)

  • Is there a plan available for the predicted expenditure regarding general maintenance?

4.2 Policies

  • Have all policies been reviewed and implemented? (Fire emergency; swimming pool; Bus policy ect.)

  • Have all policies been signed by the relevant party?

Sign Off

Sign Off

  • I, the undersigned, have completed this Monthly checklist in an accurate manner. I have attached evidence as required .

  • Full name and signature of auditor

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