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1. First Impression Extrernal

  • 1.1 External First impression, are the grounds neat and tidy, is there litter or leaves lying in boarders, paths, have these been reported, is evidence available?

  • 1.2 The Scheme is clear of any H&S Issues

  • 1.3 Is the Signage clear and undamaged

  • 1.4 The Scheme is clear of any Issues

  • 1.5 Clear pressence of Environmental Contracts taking place. GM & WC

  • 1.6 Customer opinions of environmental contracts? Is there evidence of these?

2 First Impressions Internal visual

  • Internal Audit of scheme, is the reception area tidy and welcoming, walk around service internal area, is all internal lighting working, are all areas clean, tidy, free from clutter, does the services have a buzz, what activities are taking place, are toilets clean, smell fresh and have adequate toilet rolls, soap etc., any broken, damaged equipment seen, Are notice boards tidy, relevant, in date, easy to read? Is signage appropriate, adequate and correct?

  • 2.1 Are First Impressions Brillant

  • 2.2 Is the Scheme Cleanliness Brillant

  • 2.3 Is the State of repairs Good

  • 2.4 Does the scheme Smell Pleasant

  • 2.5 All H&S issues have been reported

  • 2.6 Housing Office sense check Is the housing office clean and tidy? Is there any breaches of GDPR? Are the workspaces well managed? Are notice boards relevant and in date?

3 Health & Safety

  • 3.1. Are COSHH risk assessments and data sheets in place and have these been completed by a competent person, staff have an understanding of COSHH and follow control measures in place. Can you evidence this?

  • 3.2. Records show how repair issues identified are appropriately addressed in a timely manner, is the repairs tracker being used correctly and gathering customer feedback

  • 3.3 Is the master key policy and procedure in place and being followed

  • 3.4 Mobility scooter policy and procedure is in place and evidence is available that the relevant risk assessments have been completed, relevant insurance is in place and uploaded on to paperlight

  • 3.5 H&S induction is completed with all Housing and Care staff and reviewed annually. Can this be evidenced

3.1 Health & Safety


  • 3.1.1 Emergency and out of hours oncall procedures are in place and up to date information is readily available to staff

  • 2.1.2 Staff confirm they are aware of the arrangements and know when and how to use the oncall system

3.2 Health & Safety


  • 3.2.1 Customers during sign up are given a demonstration of all fire safety features of the building, and a copy of the fire procedure. Can this be evidenced. Evidence is available that refreshers are provided to customers on fire safety and the procedure, Customer Induction and customer memos

  • 3.2.2 Appropriate numbers of trained first aiders and fire marshals are available for all shifts Can you evidence this

  • 3.2.3 Emergency response plan and disaster box is in place, provides the required information and is up to date

  • 3.2.4 Staff complete scenario training on emergency situations monthly, 6 monthly Fire evacuation has taken place. Can you evidence this

  • 3.2.5 Staff are aware and have received adequate training on the location of the emergency response plan and equipment, customer evacuation plans, information for the fire service (or other emergency services) and their role in an emergency. Can you evidence that staff have recieved training, Do you have a localised fire procedure in place and can you evidence that MH and care providers have read and understand this

  • 3.2.6 PEEP Questionnaires have been completed for all customers and PEEP Plans where applicable. Staff are aware and quick reference is available for all customers with a PEEP in place

  • 3.2.7 Area Manager Pull cord check whilst on site

3.3 Health & Safety


  • 3.3.1Records show contractors received an induction

  • 2.3.2The induction has been completed in the relevant amount of detail and signed by both parties

  • 3.3.3Contractor inductions are managed effectively and reviewed every 12 months or sooner if required

3.4 Health & Safety


  • 3.4.1 All near misses and incidents are recorded and logged on C365 in accordance with policy and procedure

  • 3.4.2 Detailed investigations have been conducted into incidents and lessons learnt shared where appropriate

  • 3.4.3 A log is in place to track all incidents and near missed to identify any trends

  • 3.4.4 Staff have an awareness of what constitutes a near miss or incident and understand how to report

  • 3.4.5 Lessons learnt have been shared with staff, customers, internal and external stakeholders where required

4. Finance


  • 4.1 Is the service cashless?

If no why?

  • 4.2 A full Safe audit is completed between RLM & Area Manager

  • 4.3 Finance risk assessment is in place and adequately manages any risks

  • 4.4 1b forms are completed in line with policy and procedure

  • 4.5 MLE is debt reducing what actions are you taking ?

  • 4.6 Rent arrears Monitoring and actions taken

5. Voids

  • 5.1 VOIDS are meeting or below KPI's

  • 5.2 VOIDS are discussed with care provider and collaborative working is conducted to manage any VOIDS

  • 5.3 Relationships with external stakeholders are in place to fill VOIDS

  • 5.4 Assessments of customers are completed in a time efficient manner

  • 5.5 Marketing of VOID properties is being completed

  • 5.6 Service has an expression of interest list in place which evidenced regular contact

  • 5.7 VOID procedures are followed and evidence is available

6. Compliance Notice Boards

  • 6.1 Midladnd Heart Employee liability insurance on the notice board

  • 6.2 Both TV Licences are in place Communal and Concessionary

  • 6.3. Bar licence is Displayed

  • 6.4. Care Provider CQC & Insurance Certificates

  • 6.5. Midland Heart corporate message notice board in place and up to date

7. Complaints and Safeguarding

  • 7.1 Complaints File – Are all records are up to date? Complaints are being managed effectively with Joint working and discussed at monthly joint working meeting. Are all actions from Joint meetings logged on action log and being actioned in timely manner. Quality check Acknowledgment and outcome letters

  • 7.2 Safeguarding File – Quality check and examine all records are up to date. Quality check how safeguarding is discussed, highlighted to customers

  • 7.3 Customer understanding of Safeguarding? do customers know who/how to report

  • 7.4 Staff understanding of Safeguarding? Staff are aware of the MH safeguarding lead officer

  • 7.5 Staff can describe signs of abuse, MH safeguarding policy and procedure and how to report potential concerns

  • 7.6 Staff understand the MH whistleblowing policy and procedure

  • 7.7 Safeguarding is discussed at staff meetings, Quality check how safeguarding is discussed, highlighted to staff

  • 7.8 is the STIC document up to date and being used effectively, to track and monitor, ensuring any trends are identifired and lessons learnt

8 Staffing


  • 8.1 Evidence is available that staff are having monthly supervisions and these are consistent with Midland Heart policy and procedure

  • 8.2 Evidence is available that staff MPD's are being conducted and that the level of detail is adequate to support ranking following the MPD guidance

  • 8.3 Staff have completed all mandatory training and this is managed effectively

  • 8.4 Evidence staff concerns/performance are managed following the correct procedures

  • 8.5 Evidence that sickness, competency and disciplinary issues are dealt with following the correct policy and procedure AWARENESS

  • 8.6 Staff have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities

  • 8.7 Staff have an understanding of the MPD process and expectations

  • 8.8 Staff can discuss the last training they completed and how this is beneficial to their role

  • 8.9 Staff understand the sickness policy and procedure and are following this

  • 8.10 Staff inductions have all been completed and refreshers and are stored on shared drive

9 Life style


  • 9.1 Are varied and inclusive activities taking place daily, weekly and monthly

  • 9.2 Do activities include wellbeing activities and how do these enhance the lives of our customers

  • 9.3 Is partnership working taking place with outside agencies and advocacy services

  • 9.4 Records are available of activities which have taken place, who took part and any feedback received

  • 9.5 Risk assessments are in place where required Activity notice boards are in place advertising all up and coming activities

  • 9.6 Customers receive monthly activity timetables

  • 9.7 Advocacy service information is available communal areas

  • 9.8 Customer feedback and input is sought in relation to the lifestyle offer

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