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Previous Inspection

  • Has previous inspection report been reviewed?

  • Have all issues raised at last inspection been addressed?

Plant & Machinery

  • Are all accessible nips points suitably guarded?

  • Are fixed guards permanently in position, preventing access to dangerous parts from all directions and properly secured?

  • Are stop/start and emergency controls easily accessible, in working order and clearly identified?

  • Are pre-start guarding inspection carried out?

  • Is key exchange system being used efficiently when personnel enter interlocked areas?


  • Are walkways clear of obstructions and clearly marked?

  • Are floors within the factory area in a good condition and free from potholes and other trip hazards?

  • Is floor area around waste skips/ trailers/ bins, etc. being managed effectively?

  • Are tools and equipment being stored in a safe manner?

  • Is site free from accumulated waste, disused equipment and plant?

  • Are wooden pallets kept clear of the buildings?

Material Handling (Fork Trucks)

  • Are daily pre-driving inspection checks carried out and recorded by drivers?

  • Are unattended vehicles left in a safe, secure state?

  • Fork truck operators were observed to be driving carefully, forks in correct position, seat belts worn, etc?

  • Are the reporting of faults taking place promptly, and vehicles are not used if in an unsafe condition?

Portable/Hand Tools

  • Are the correct tools being used and in the correct manner?

  • Are portable tools (I.E. Electric drills)regularly inspected, serviced and PAT tested?


  • Are potentially harmful substances clearly marked and stored as instructed?

  • Are LEVs and extractors wherever fitted working efficiently and used effectively?

  • Are external bunds clear of rain water?

  • Are controls put in place to prevent substances polluting streams, ground water, etc. effective?

Electrical Equipment/Installations

  • Are panels clearly identifiable and IP2X compliant equipment labeled accordingly?

  • Are none IP2X panels identifiable and secure to prevent entry by unauthorised personnel?

  • Are extension leads and welding leads in good order?

Gas cylinders

  • Are gas cylinders kept in secure and suitably isolated storage cages(including empties)?

  • Are there any unsupported gas bottles in storage or work areas or anywhere they may be knocked over?

  • Are oxygen bottles stored securely away from acetylene and LPG bottles?


  • Are ladders routinely checked, in good condition and repair (E.G. no missing, loose or defective rungs, defective side members, and not painted?

  • Are ladders being stored securely?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Is signage identifying PPE requirements adequately and suitably posted?

  • Are dust masks used when required?

  • Is hearing protection in use in high noise areas?

  • Is PPE adequately stored?

Lifting Equipment

  • Is the Safe Working Load clearly marked on all lifting equipment?

  • Is lifting adequately tagged with the current coloured cable tie?


  • Is the lighting in all areas satisfactory?

  • Does asbestos containing material appear to be in good condition with no damage?


  • Are all means of escape, including stairs, gangways, fire doors identified and free from obstruction?

  • Are fire procedures displayed for staff and visitors in all areas?

  • Is fire alarm tested on a regular basis?


  • Are up to date health, safety & environmental policies displayed on notice boards?

  • Is an up to date employer liability insurance certificate displayed?

  • Are first Aider lists displayed in all area?

  • Are first aider's kits readily available, well stocked and in date?

  • Are product stacks safe and stable?

  • Is racking in a good condition, loaded safely and with load notices displayed?

  • Are there any pot holes requiring attention?

  • Is perimeter fencing in good condition with no easy access for trespassers?

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