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General Workplace conditions (Main Office)

Floors (Walking and Working Surfaces)

  • Clean, orderly and sanitary condition

  • Free of slip, trip or fall hazards

  • Free of protrusions

  • Openings covered or barricaded

  • Are light fittings clean and in good condition

Aisles and Passageways

  • Clear and unobstructed

  • Desk areas and file cabinets not posing hazard


  • Sufficient exits for prompt escape

  • No locks or fastening restricting escape

  • Routes and exits are clearly marked

  • Exits adequately illuminated

  • More than one exit from work area

  • Approaches to exits unobstructed

  • Flammable kept out of exits


  • Good ventilation

  • Clean orderly and sanitary

  • Painted and well lighted


  • Fire Extinguishers inspected

  • First aid supplies and injuries monitored

  • Employees Working in a safe manner

  • Electrical outlets kept uncluttered

  • Desk heaters kept clear

  • Emergency Telephones list

  • Can exit doors be effortlessly opened

  • First aid and fire extinguishers signs posted

Plant and Factory

Mechanical Hazards

  • Mechanical power Transmission Belts guarded

  • Guard affixed to machines or secured to prevent displacement

  • Emergency Stop arrangements at all machines

  • Are hands tools in good repairs

  • Portable power hand tools provided with circuit breakers

Electrical Hazards

  • Are there broken or unsecured wires and cables

  • Switch boxes and distribution board covers and in good condition

  • Are all connections and electrical devices earthed

Hazardous Material and chemical Safety

  • Are all hazardous substances clearly and permanently labelled

  • Are all flammable liquids kept in covered and appropriate containers when not in use

  • Are no smoking signs posted in areas for storage and use of flammable, combustible materials

  • Are material safety data sheet available

Gas Cylinders

  • Are gas cylinders stored in upright position

  • Are gas cylinders secured from damage and being knocked over

  • Are valve protection caps provided and kept on gas cylinders

  • Do gas cylinders show obvious signs of defects like rusting

Walkways / Floors

  • Are floor surfaces even and uncluttered

  • Are Floor surface dry and clean

  • Are walkways clearly marked and free from obstruction

  • Are there unguarded / inadequately covered floor openings (e.g., stairways, floor openings.)

  • Are stairways in good condition with standard railing provided for every flight

  • Are working platform at higher levels provided with handrails and toe boards

Material Handling

  • Are all lifting appliances marked with their safe working load

  • Are wires, ropes and chains slings in good condition


  • Are ladders free from splinters, sharp and decay

  • Are Rungs of ladders uniformly spaced in good conditions

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