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  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location


  • COTC Hours logged

  • Is the site free from Odour emitting from the site?

  • Is the site free from any Noise emitting from site?

  • Is the Litter controlled on and off site?

  • When was the site last litter picked internally and externally:

  • Are the internal and external roads clear from mud and debris?

  • Are spill kits available and in the correct location?

  • Is there sufficient pest control on site?

General Access

  • Main access gates & weighbridge free of obstruction?

  • Are all pedestrian walkways clear of obstruction?

  • Are all pedestrian barriers in place and in good order?

  • Are all vehicle routes free of obstruction?

  • Are all floor area, stairs and walkways inside the processing areas free of material and with no trip hazards?

Waste Removal & Storage

  • Is all waste stored securely/ undercover were applicable?

  • Are all oil drums, bottles etc. placed on a bund?

  • Are all bunds in good repair and are there enough bunds on site?

  • Are all gas bottles locked away in the gas cage?

Site Infrastructure

  • Are concrete and push wall checks completed and walls fit for purpose?

  • Are roller shutter doors down and working where applicable?

  • Are drains clear and running freely where applicable?

  • Are the roads and surfaces in a good condition?

  • Are the site boundaries secure and clear from debris and items stacked against them?

  • Note down any other damage found on site:

  • Are the gantry walkways fit for purpose - all clips and panels securely in place and structure undamaged? (Please note down any issues and close gantry where necessary and follow up with investigation in to damage and immediate repairs)

Fire Safety

  • Record which Emergency Exit were spot checked

  • Spot check emergency exit - is it clear from obstruction and working ok?

  • Confirm weekly checks of all emergency exits have been completed and signed - confirm any previous actions followed up

  • Record which Fire Extinguishers and Hose Reels were spot checked

  • Spot check inspection of 3-4 extinguisher points; are extinguishers, exits & hose reels in good working order?

  • Confirm weekly checks of all fire extinguishers and fire hoses have been completed and signed - confirm any previous actions followed up

  • Is the red Emergency Box accessible and records in place?

  • Has the weekly alarm test been carried out?

  • Are fire evacuation plans in place on notice boards?

  • List Fire Marshalls on site today?

  • Are the Fire Marshall's training in date?


  • Are dust levels sufficiently low on walls?

  • Are dust levels sufficiently low on cable trays?

  • Are dust levels sufficiently low on fixed plant?

  • Are dust levels sufficiently low on all other areas not specified above?

  • Is dust been prevented from escaping the site boundary?

Machines (Fixed Plant)

  • Are guards and interlocks in place?

  • Are floor surfaces even and uncluttered?

  • Can you confirm LOCKOFF Procedures are followed?

  • Has the isolator been tested during maintenance this week?

  • Record which E-Stops were spot checked

  • Visually inspect 3 emergency stops - are they in good repair and free of obstruction?

  • Is the E-Stop weekly check sheet completed? (check 1 E-Stop to confirm the plant is stopped on activation)

Mobile Plant (Spot Check 1 Vehicle)

  • Record mobile plant spot checked:

  • Is the Daily Plant check sheet completed, signed and available for inspection?

  • Are all reversing and beacon lights in working condition?

  • Is the reversing alarm working?

  • Are the brakes working - ask Operator to confirm?

  • Is the drivers seat in good condition?

  • Are the tyres in a reasonable condition?

  • Are seatbelts fitted and used?

  • Is all lifting equipment in good repair i.e. chains, webbing/ strapping, hydraulic lifting equipment?

PPE Issued and Worn (Spot check 2 Operatives)

  • List Operators checked for correct PPE:

  • Hi Visibility Jacket or Vest issued and worn and in good condition? (replace if badly worn/dirty)

  • Safety boot issued and worn?

  • Hard Hat issued and wearing correct colour?

  • Hearing Protection worn? (where applicable)

  • Eye Protection worn? (where applicable)

  • Gloves issued, worn and suitable for task? (Re-issue were not suitable)

Electrical Safety

  • Are extension leads and hand tools in maintenance workshop in good condition?

  • All access to substations and transformers prohibited?

  • Record Electrical Panel Spot Check:

  • Spot check on electrical panel, is it sealed and free of dust?


  • Is all lighting on site operational?

Welfare Facilities

  • Heating/ cooking facilities clean and in good condition?

  • Tables, Chairs and Worktops clean and sanitised in good condition?

  • Toilet and washing areas in good condition?

  • Hand Towels and Soap available in hand washing areas?

  • Hot Water available in hand washing and kitchen areas?

  • Smoking Area designated and cigarette ends cleaned up?

First Aid

  • When was the first aid box inspected - was it in the last month?

  • When was the defibrillator inspected - was it in the last month?

  • List First Aiders on site today:

  • Is the First Aiders training in date?

  • Is the list stating the First Aiders on the notice board?

  • Have all accident/incident/near miss reports been forwarded to the Compliance Department?

  • When and what was the last near miss recorded:

Safety Signage

  • Spot check one area of site and confirm adequate signage is in place, record area checked:

  • Is hearing, glove and eye protection signage in place as required?

  • Is machinery signage in place?

  • Are no smoking signs visible at the weighbridge and entrance to shed?

  • Is the sign at the main gate intact and up to date?

Quality System

  • Select one haulier on site at random and confirm that we have the waste carriers licence for that haulier?

  • Record waste carriers licence checked:

  • Pick a container/ lorry that is getting loaded and confirm paperwork matches the material that is loaded?

  • Record container/ lorry that was inspected:

  • Note any third party visits and follow-up inspections (EA, HSE, Insurers etc.)

  • RDF Sites Only - check 5 random bales in storage area and check for quality?

  • Check material tipped in waste bays for contamination?

  • Note down Company/ load tipping and any contamination:

  • Confirm Non-Conformance report completed where applicable?

  • If Contractors are working on site please confirm - Control of Contractors form has been completed?

  • Record name of Contractor:

  • Is the site free from external complaints this week?

  • Record any complaints received and action taken:

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