Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Duty of Care Audit

Site Details

  • Outlet Activity

  • Is this the End Destination?

  • Details of End Destination if different to site - end users/ holders details

  • Planning Permission - is it appropriate to the land being used?

Permit Number

  • Site Permit Number (if applicable):

  • Permit Number valid on EA Database?

  • Copy of Environmental Permit on file?

  • Does the site need a COTC holder? (n/a under an exemption)

  • COTC Holder Name

  • COTC Expiry Date

Exemption Number

  • Exemption Number (if applicable):

  • Name and Address on Exemption Correct?

  • Copy of Exemption on file?

Waste Types Audited

  • Waste Types Audited:

  • Relevant EWC Code

  • Are the EWC Codes included on the permit/ exemption?

  • Photos of waste

Quarterly Returns

  • Annual Tonnage Allowed:

  • Tonnage received on site in the last quarter?

  • Projected annual tonnage (tonnage received x 4):

  • Projected annual tonnage as % of allowed (tonnage received/ tonnage allowed):

Duty of Care

  • EWC Code shown on Inbound WTN?

  • SIC Code shown on Inbound WTN?

  • Waste Hierarchy shown on Inbound WTN?

  • EWC Code shown on Outbound WTN?

  • SIC Code shown on Outbound WTN?

  • Waste Hierarchy shown on Outbound WTN?

  • Annex VII completed if waste exported?

  • Weighbridge Calibration Certificate in place?

  • Weighbridge Calibration Expiry Date:

  • Waste Carriers Licence in place?

  • Waste Carriers Licence Number:

  • Waste Carriers Expiry Date:

Environment Agency

  • Date of last EA visit (often sites working under an exemption don't have visits):

  • Details/ Breaches on CAR Report

  • EA Enforcement or Improvement Notices in place:

  • Waste stored in the correct manner?

  • Environment Policy in place?

Health and Safety

  • Health and Safety Policy in place?

  • HSE Breaches or prosecutions:

  • Site Rules issued to Drivers and signed for? (take a photo as evidence)

  • Traffic management in place, roads clear and of good condition?

  • FPP in place?

Accreditations / Insurances / Employee Checks

  • Detail on accreditations e.g. ISO 9001, 14001, OSHAS 18001

  • Public Liability Insurance Number & Expiry:

  • Employers Liability Insurance Number & Expiry:

  • Do you carry out UK Employment eligibility checks?

Further Comments

  • Further Comments:

  • Photos:

  • Outlet Representative Signature:

  • AWM Auditor Signature:

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