SPCC AREAS. Are the following areas (tanks and containment areas) free of deterioration, indications of releases, or any unusual conditions?

  • SP-1 Area 1 - Parking lots / Site roads - check for visible oil.

  • SP-2 Area 2 - Shipping Docks

  • SP-3 Area 3 - Receiving Docks

  • SP-4 Area 4 Wastewater Treatment containment

  • SP-5 Area 5 Gasoline Containment (Engine Plant)

  • SP-6 Area 6. Gasoline Containment (Transmission Plant)

  • SP-7 Fire Pump House Diesel Tanks

  • SP-8 Do previous spills in the areas appear to have been adequately addressed?

  • SP-9 Are adequate supplies of spill response materials and equipment readily available?

Drainage Systems/Storm Water Controls

  • SW-1 Are drainage pathways at the site free of evidence of severe soil erosion?

  • SW-2 Are inlets, pipes, ditches, and pond free of debris, raw materials, waste materials, oil sheen, and other possible contaminants?

  • SW-3 Are inlets, pipes, ditches, and ponds free of excessive sediment.

  • SW-4 If sediment controls (for example: silt fences, rock rip rap, seeding, hay bales, etc.) are used on site, are they in good shape and operating properly?

  • SW-5 If the outfall leaving the property is flowing during dry weather (Select N/A if it is not flowing), is the flow due to permitted non-storm water discharge?
    If not, describe source of flow (for example: groundwater, unpermitted non-storm water discharge, etc.)

  • SW-6 South Detention Pond condition (Storm water south of the center road including water from the engine plant roof and parking lots)

  • SW-7 North Detention Pond condition (Storm water south of the center road including water from the transmission plant roof and parking lots)

Are the following ditches clear of debris and erosion problems?

  • SW-8 Northern perimeter ditch (drainage ditch around the north side of the site)

  • SW-9 AT perimeter ditch (drainage ditch around north side of AT)

  • SW-10 Southern perimeter ditch (drainage ditch south of the engine plant)

  • SW-11 Rear perimeter ditch

  • SW-12 Front perimeter ditch (roadside)

  • SW-13 Areas around storm drains in parking lot


  • TS-1 Are tanks free of excessive rust or other signs of compromised tank integrity?

  • TS-2 Are all pumps, valves, hoses, piping, etc. intact and operating properly?

  • TS-3 Are all pumps and valves closed and/or locked when not in use?

  • TS-4 Is the secondary containment system free of cracks, holes, or other breaches?

  • TS-5 Are containment release valves closed and operating properly?

  • TS-6 Are storm water releases from the containment being properly documented?

  • TS-7 Is water in the containment (mark N/A if no water) free of any sheen?


  • PN-1 Are units free of leaks and fugitive emissions?

  • PN-2 Are the units free of visible excess dusting?

  • PN-3 Are the pressure drops across all filters at a normal level.

  • PN-4 Are all inspection doors or covers closed tightly on Units?

  • All collectors and/or filters are known to be in operation?


  • PO-1 Is the pond level at or below normal?

  • PO-2 Does the pond water appear clear, with no frothing at edges?

  • PO-3 Is the pond free of algae growth?

  • PO-4 Is the area free of foul odors?

Discharge visual inspection

  • DVI-1 Check the South pond discharge for water quality.

  • DVI-2 Check the North pond discharge for water quality.


  • Noise Level

  • dB reading
  • Location
  • Enter Noise Level Reading.


  • Is Noise Level Excessive?

  • Take a photo of likely source.


  • Add location
  • Wind Direction


  • Is there a detectable Odor?

  • Is there a likely source?

  • Take a picture of the direction the odor is from.

Auditor Approvals

  • TMMWV Site Audit

  • Auditor Approval

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