• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Prepared by

  • Conducted on

Project Details


  • Location
  • Project Start (km)

  • Project End (km)

  • Town or Place Name


  • Nature of project

  • Note:
    Rehabilitation - is work which extends the life of the existing road assets.

    New Seal - initial seal of existing unsealed road.

  • Total Estimated Cost

  • Construction time in weeks

  • Funding Source

  • OPEX


  • Grant

  • Roads to Recovery

Assessment Criteria

1. Road Network Efficiency

  • Road Hierarchy Category - Class

  • Supports School Bus Route to

2. Actual Road Usage

  • Is the road rural or urban?

  • AADT Rural Estimate

  • Heavy Vehicle Estimate

  • AADT Urban Estimate

  • Heavy Vehicle Estimate

  • 3. Road Condition

  • Roughness

  • Edge Failures

  • 4. Geometric safety or seal deficiency

  • Seal Width

  • Formation Width

  • Rectifies geometry or safety deficiency (excluding width and type of surface)

  • Nature of deficiency<br>(eg Major: over 20% length of the project, correction improve design speed by 20km/h or results in the centre line being moved at least 3m at the mid point of a horizontal curve. Minor: if superelevation is improved by at least 3% over 20% length of project)<br><br>Please provide longitudinal sectional drawings.

  • Unsealed road serving properties with no alternative sealed access

  • Poor Vertical Alignment - Sight<br> Distance Adequate

  • Poor Horizontal Alignment - Sight<br> Distance Adequate

Roads Inspection

  • Visual assessment carried out on Council's Roads Inspection Tour

  • Priority

  • Notes:

  • All projects proposed for funding must demonstrate the following criteria prior to being considered for point under the assessment schedule.
    1 Supports economic development
    2. Supports integrity of road users
    3. Supports road safety


Summary Sheet

  • Road No.

  • Road Name

  • Nature of Project

  • Description

  • Total Project Cost

  • Proposed Funding Source

Detailed Assessment

  • Road Hierarchy Class

  • School Bus Route

  • AADT Rural

  • AADT Urban

  • Heavy Vehicles

  • Roughness

  • Edge Failure

  • Seal Width Deficiency

  • Formation Width Deficiency

  • Geometry Deficiency

  • Community Access

  • Vertical Alignment

  • Horizontal Aligment

  • Roads Inspection

  • Total Points

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