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  • 14 Day Courtesy Notice to remediate

Alamanda Owners Corporation Quick Inspection

  • Design Guideline or OC Rules Failed Inspection

12.0 Letter Boxes

  • 12.1 Letter boxes should be designed to compliment and match the dwelling, using the same materials and finishes. Refer to diagram 11.

13.0 Landscaping

  • 13.6 The minimum landscape works require the following to be undertaken: 4. The supply and installation of:  20 selected shrubs in 150mm pots in the garden beds; and  One advanced feature tree in a 75 litre pot.


  • (c) Appearance of Residence Must install permanent window furnishings within three months of the issue of an occupancy permit for the construction of the Residence and ensure the Residence is kept clean and maintained in good repair including (without limitation) all fences, walls, windows, gates, sidewalls, walkways and driveways within a Lot;

  • (f) Upkeep of Yard Areas Must maintain and keep tidy the front, side and rear gardens, irrigation facilities, drainage facilities, swimming pools, spas, fountains and other surrounds of the Lot to the standard of a first class residential development as determined by the Owners Corporation;

  • (g) Nature Strip Must maintain and keep tidy any nature strip adjoining the Lot;

  • (From Saltwater Coast) 49.1 A lot owner, occupier or manger can make a complaint to the Owners Corporation about an alleged breach of the Owners Corporation Rules, or it may otherwise come to the attention of the Owners Corporation Management team and Wyndham Council (Ref: WCC Nature Strip Beautification Policy) that a breach has occurred;

  • (h)(ii) Must conceal all rubbish bins from public view except on the days and during the times designated for rubbish disposal;

  • (j) General Appearance of Property Must keep the Lot free of rubbish;


  • (f)(i) Commercial vehicles Must not park or allow to be parked on a Lot or any road or any other land in the vicinity of a Lot any commercial vehicles (including but not limited to trucks, utilities, caravans, trailers, boats or any other mobile machinery) unless such commercial vehicles are housed or contained wholly within a carpark or garage on a Lot or parked in the driveway on a Lot and screened from public view;

  • (f)(ii) All vehicles Must not park or allow any vehicle to be parked on the front lawn of a Lot or the nature strip adjoining a Lot;

  • (h) No Signs Must not erect or display any sign, hoarding or advertising of any description whatsoever on a Lot (including a "For Sale" sign) unless the following applies:

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