Title Page

Decision Log Details

  • Time and Date

  • Incident

  • Phase

  • Document No.

  • Loggist

Meeting Details

  • Name of Chairperson

  • Names of Other Attendees

  • Command Level

  • Multi-Agency?

  • Other agencies present


  • Urgent Issues

  • Agreed objectives

  • MSDC RAG Status at this time

Decision Log

    Record Number
  • Date and Time this Decision was made

  • Description of the decision taken

  • Rationale behind this decision

  • Were other options considered?

  • Please specify

  • Is there any action to be taken in relation to this decision?

  • By whom?

  • By when?

  • Has RAG status changed as a result of this decision?

  • Current MSDC RAG Status

  • Intended audience

  • Please specify


  • Date/Time this decision log was closed

  • Signature of person completing this log


  • Lessons Learned

  • Is any further action considered necessary?

  • By whom?

  • By when?

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