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  • Practice


  • Is the signage well lit, clean and in good location?

  • Are the grounds well maintained and litter free?

  • Are the windows and fascias clean?

  • Windows should only have official MyDentist posters on diplay, is this the case?

  • Are all clinician names advertised and up to date?

  • Please take a photo of the outside (Front) of the building

MyComply & Profit Protection

  • Current MyComply Status

  • Is the practice compliance organised and easy to find?

  • How many days has the practice been Red this quarter?

  • Is there evidence of debt being managed on a daily basis?

  • How many open courses are there?


  • Ask 3 members of the team: do they know who can do Clear Correct? (Nearest MyDentist if none in practice)

  • Ask 3 members of the team: do they know who can do facial aesthetics? (Nearest MyDentist if none in practice)

  • Ask 3 members of the team: do they know who the nearest MyDentist Perio specialist is?

  • Ask 3 members of the team: do they know the cost of a Hygiene appointment including PPE charge?


  • Is there an appropriate fallow time in place between each appointment

  • Is there one appointment slot in the diary today for non-registered emergency patients?

  • Are all clinicians working contracted hours?

  • Is there a SMART diary in place?

  • Are triaging slots in the diary for between 15-20 minutes

  • Are there any questions about the agreement amendments?


  • Are COVID-19 Visitor Measures in place? Sanitizer, temperature checks etc.?

  • Is the inside of the window clean and cluter free?

  • Are there adequate screens to protect reception team?

  • Is there appropriate space behind reception? eg. Not overcrowded

  • Are all staff in uniform?

  • Are all staff wearing name badges?

  • Is the reception area clean and litter free?

  • Are telephones audibly ringing? (Not on mute)

  • Are Oral Health Products on display and priced up correctly?

  • Are all wall posters appropriate, in date, straight, attached properly?

  • Is all signage professional and appropriate?

  • Please take a photo of the reception area

  • Is any confidential waste on display/in waste bin/under counter? PLEASE CHECK ALL BINS IN PUBLIC AREAS AND BEHIND RECEPTION DESK.

  • Are the staff aware of how many emergency appointment slots are available today?

  • Are reception team able to explain benefits of capturing a patients email address?

  • Are reception team able to explain costs of MyOptions appointments?

  • Do the reception team know when the next practice meeting is?

  • Are all areas in reception clean and dust free? Eg floors, corners, posters, shelves, computer terminals, entrance, etc.

Staff room/area

  • Is the staff kitchen clean? Please check sink, fridge, floor, microwave etc.

  • Is the latest insurance document present?

  • Is there an up to date HASAWA poster present

  • Are staff breaks staggered to avoid overcrowding?

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