• Every Item in area needed for regular work (no unnecessary)

  • No Junk in drawers

  • Non value added process steps removed?

  • Evidence of regular sorting exists


  • Tools and gage locations marked; place for everything, everything in its place if not in use

  • No misc items along walls, top of equipment

  • Work stations and machine areas free of personal items

  • Cleaning supplies and equipment in place and properly marked

  • Air hoses in properly marked place and free of any leaks

  • Aisles clearly marked and clear of obstruction


  • Machines are free of any leaks

  • Area free of chips and other contaminants outside machining area

  • Work instructions in proper location and easily accessible


  • PPE available and used when required

  • All spray bottles properly labeled

  • Fire extinguishers present in designated locations not blocked

  • Safety devices not bypassed

  • Floors clean and no coolant slip areas

  • No accidents for a month

  • Lockout tag out equipment in work condition/ evidence of use workers trained

  • Electrical cords in proper place,in good condition,not a trip hazard

  • Area properly lighted

  • Equipment wiring properly enclosed

5S Sustain

  • Compare prior audit of this area

Stray Parts

  • Proper identification / tagging / segregation of suspect from good. Raw/WIP/PTR/Special runs. Also review Quarantine area (MRB) for this product.

  • Disposition of non conforming product per p83 control of NCP

  • Suspect and scrap material properly recorded

Process Flow /control

  • Current Process Flow Matches control plan

  • Review reaction plan when process or product is out of spec

  • Continual Improvements made in last year

  • Coolant logs properly completed

  • No outdated copies of controlled documents-sample 3 to compare to DC database. Note doc # and rev #


  • Sample employees for proper training in area where they're working -Job training sheet started/up to date.

  • 10 commandments of shop floor quality - Ask employee to describe them.

  • Open quality alerts known by employees, no closed alerts in cell.

  • Employee knows where instructions are located.

  • Employees know quality policy?


  • Gages are used within calibration due dates-sample 3, record gage #and due date to compare to GAGETrak.

  • Employee demonstrates proper use of gages

  • LPA completed

  • Records of inspection are available and in proper format

  • LPA filled out without pencil whipping

  • No sign offs by yellow status employees in training.

  • Scrap areas not overflowing

  • First Article & Containment forms filled out correctly- review completed records in QC Lab.

Process Sustain

  • Compare pior audit of this area, prior score.

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