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Accurate - 35 POINTS

1. Point of purchase (POP) materials and menu boards are clean, easy to read, and with no missing panels or numerals. the order confirmation screen (OCS) and speaker are working properly

2. The drive thru guest if their order is correct in the screen; if the OCS is not operating the order must be repeated

3. The order is repeated to the guest before handing out, with special emphasis on custom orders.

4. Guest receives what they ordered including condiments, napkins, and receipt.

Consistent & Quick - 25 POINTS

5. The Guest is greeted at the Drive-thru speaker within 5 seconds

6. The guest receives their order in under 5 minutes

Warm & Friendly - 20 POINTS

7. The guest receives a warm and friendly greeting at the drive thru speaker and pick up window,

8. After handing out the order the Guest is thanked with a smile and given a parting comment (i.e. enjoy your meal, see you soon).

Great Tasting Food - 10 POINTS

9. Burgers are both hot and juicy, produce is fresh with firm tomatoes and crisp lettuce and bread is toasted properly.

10. Fries are hot, crispy, golden brown and salt to taste when delivered to the guest

Clean - 10 POINTS

11. Landscaping is well maintained, and the drive-thru lane is clean and fresh if trash

12. Drive-thru window, ledges, and walls are clean and in good repair