#1 Please upload a copy of your receipt here and type in the amount

#2 Cashiers Name: If no name tag, please list gender, approx. age, height, hair color/style any distinguishing features such as glasses, etc.


#1 After pulling up to the menu board were you acknowledged within 5 seconds?

#2 Did the employee make a connection or start a conversation?

#3 How many vehicles were between you (at the speaker) and the pick - up window?

#4 Was the employee taking your order at the menu board speaker:

#5 If none of the above, what do you feel was the problem? (explain in detail in the comment selection)

#6 Did the cashier try and up sell ( Suggest items to complete/ compliment your meal)?

Did the window employee .....

#7 Offer a friendly and cheerful greeting with eye contact?

#8 Give correct change ? If did not receive change please use N/A option

#9 Ask you if you needed plastic ware? Please use N/A option if plastic ware was not needed

#10 Say Thank you?

#11 Did you receive the correct order

#12 Were the employees whom you saw neatly groomed and wearing clean uniforms?

#13 Were the employees whom you saw working efficiently and behaving in a professional manner?

#14 What was the length of time from placing your order until receiving your order? Please tell us in minutes and seconds (For example : 5 minutes and 30 seconds)

#15 were you asked to pull out of line before receiving your order?

#16 When you paid your order did the cashier say thank you?

#17 Provide a detailed overview and leave a comments on the service that you received. Explain all NO and N/A responses if applicable

Food quality

#1 Was the meal packaged neatly and eye appealing?

#2 How much time elapses between receiving your meal and eating your meal? please tell us in minutes and seconds.

#3 Was the meal reasonably fresh considering the elapsed time between pick up and the time you ate?

#4 Please provide a detailed overview and leave a comment about the meal that you received. Explain all NO and N/A responses if applicable


Were the following areas clean, litter free and well maintained:

#1 Exterior parking lot:

#2 Planters/landscaping:

#3 Dumpsters/Refuse area:

#4 Drive Thru area : Menu Board

#5 Drive Thru lane:

#6 Pick up window area: Window glass

#7 Outside wall:

#8 Was the pick up window free of gum, food spills, etc. ?

Provide comments on the cleanliness of the location. Explain all NO and N/A responses if applicable.

Overall experience

#1 How would you rate your overall experience?

#2 Please explain your overall rating.