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1.0 PPE

  • Eyes: protected from flying debris, chemicals and radiant light. Safety glasses worn in mandatory areas?

  • Hearing: protection used in mandatory areas and during short exposures to high decibel noise?

  • Body, Arms, and Hands: protected from resins, adhesives, sealants, chemicals and composite dust

  • Hands: protected when handling sharp objects/tools, severely hot or cold items

  • Head: protected from impact from above and at same height objects?

  • Respiratory: protected for vapors, dust, misc. debris. Clean shaven, mask stored in sealed container

2.0 Ergonomics

  • Lifting/Lowering: weights not above 25# at/above shoulder height. Lift is not awkward or repetitive?

  • Pushing: vs. pulling?

  • Reach: not overextended for long periods of time or during lifting?

  • Grip/force: not excessive when combined with high frequency?

  • Repetition: is not excessive not excessive when combined with high force and frequency?

  • Vibration: long exposures reduced by PPE, tape or tool design?

  • Body Posture: wrist, neck back in neutral position, elbows 90, close to body?

3.0 Machine Safety

  • Cleaning, Clearing, Adjustments made while machine is off? LOTO procedures followed?<br>This includes <br>-Adjusting cutter heads, saw blade, nailers, conveyor belts, <br>

  • Workers not involved in machine operation kept safe distance kept from machine ?

  • Are all guards & POIs protected? (Point of operation)

  • Machine shut down when unattended? <br>

  • Are warning decals present near hazardous points of operations?

  • Did operator insure access panels are in place prior to starting machine/equipment?

4.0 Forklift Safety

  • Seat belts worn?

  • Are safe load levels not exceeded?

  • Safe Speeds followed?

  • Horn or Warning device used when approach personnel?<br>

  • Are views obstructed when transporting Material?<br>

  • No "Riders" allowed?<br>

5.0 Safety Behaviors

  • Unsafe behaviors observed - Actions taken to correct & prevent reoccurrence

  • Safe behaviors observed - Actions taken to encourage safe behavior

6.0 Employee Suggestions and Comments

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