• Is the Designa gray flange shaft used? (RAL 7012)
    Are the panels light gray (RAL9007)
    Are the doors and hood lighter gray (RAL7035)
    Is the Designa logo visible on the door, and shaft cover plate?
    Was the special 12 conductor cable and special connector used?
    Are the shorter Designa U-rails used.
    Is the custom Designa lock, cam and key present?
    Are the light gray door slides (RAL7012)
    Is the Designa boom break switch installed?
    Is the black plastic plug on both sides of the housing?
    Is the MGCPRO-E500 used with the ESM02 (RS232) module installed?

  • Will there be a spare parts inspection going along with is order?

  • Check cable to spring clearance.

  • Are all of the serial numbers written down?

  • Is the gate left handed?

  • Are the spring jam nuts tightened?

  • Was the gate tested?

  • Are all of the yellow marks correct?

  • Does the gate have the correct number of springs?

  • Does the order call for LED lights?

  • Do the LED lights function properly?

  • Is the MHP-144A-E100 installed.

  • Is the hood gasket installed?

  • Does the gate have the correct gate type 1209 UL sticker?

  • Does the gate serial number sticker match the gate type?

  • Does the controller have all of the plugs?

  • Is the gate set up for articulated?

  • Confirm the flange is NOT included?

  • Are the shorter Designa u-rails included?

  • Is anything else ordered with the gate that should be installed?

  • Is anything else ordered with the gate that needs to be palletized?

  • Are 2 Designa keys taped to the U-rail?

  • Confirm that documentation or warning labels are NOT included?

  • Do both doors slide into the channels without binding?

  • Is the overall fit and finish up to Magnetic Quality?

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