Flight Report

1 - Pre-Arrival

  • Ramp crew on gate before arrival.

  • Every member of the team is wearing appropriate PPE.

  • Lead conducted pre-flight briefing with crew.

  • Is the parking area clear of obstructions?

  • A FOD inspection of gate is completed.

  • Have the GSE inspected to verify conditions, GAS and power to run during the operation?

  • Chocks and cones available for the arrival are stowed outside the restraint line with parking brakes applied.

  • Equipment is positioned behind the equipment restraint line with parking brakes applied.

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2 - Arrival

  • Is the aircraft arrival inspection completed prior GSE positioning to the aircraft?

  • Block Time on Arrival

  • Time All Doors Open

  • Marshaller & wing walkers are using wands/lights.

  • Marshaller has a continuous line of sight of wing walkers.

  • Safety cones are positioned correctly.

  • Aircraft is chocked prior to any ramp agent or equipment approaching the aircraft.

  • Lavatory Services Completed

  • Time Lavatory Services Completed

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3 - Ground Service Equipment

  • All drivable equipment is inspected prior to use.

  • All equipment is free of FOD.

  • All GSE guided to the aircraft is performed using approved hand signals and is in proper position.

  • All equipment approach the aircraft at walking speed and carry out 2 brake checks / safety stops.

  • Belt loader is correctly positioned and chocked.

  • ULD Loader is properly positioned and guide rails used.

  • Loader operator receives hand signal prior to raising / lowering the rear platform.

  • Lavatory Service Unit is positioned with a guide person, properly chocked and operated correctly.

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4 - Unloading / Loading

  • Ramp Supervisor has a copy of the offload instructions.

  • Time First Cargo Offloaded (Pallets, AKE, DQF)

  • Time Last Cargo Offloaded (Pallets, AKE, DQF)

  • Time First Cargo Loaded (Pallets, AKE, DQF)

  • Time Last Cargo Loaded (Pallets, AKE, DQF)

  • Baggage and cargo are checked before loading

  • Time Bulk is Offloaded

  • Time Bulk is Loaded

  • All ULD’s in the cargo holds are locked and secured.

  • All cargo compartment nettings are secured and verified.

  • Portable stair / ladder is used to close cargo hold doors (a belt loader may be used if a portable stairs is unavailable).

  • Time All Doors are Closed

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5 - Departure

  • Pre-departure briefing is conducted.

  • Is the aircraft departure inspection completed prior departure?

  • Pushback pathway confirmed clear of obstacles.

  • Time Aircraft Push Back

  • Marshaller uses proper signals to hold aircraft until all personnel are clear from the aircraft.

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Special Services (Extra Services)

  • Does Aircraft need to be towed?

  • Where does aircraft need to be towed? (EX. W17 - W82)

  • GPU Start Time

  • GPU End Time

  • Did aircraft need AirStart Unit

  • Additional Comments

Ramp Supervisors Additional Comments

  • Additional Pictures

  • Ramp Supervisor Signature

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