Task to Complete - Weeks 1 & 2

Outline tasks for TRN Team to complete

ePro TRN Site

Activate all resources Queue Management

Ensure TT Lead has completed creation of generic identifiers, kiosk logins and badges

Create TRN Team Digital Refractometer Training Binder

Identify who has and has not supplied their checklists up to this point

Names of TT who still need to turn in their checklist

TT Member

Checklist turned in

Email TT member and TT member's TC if checklists have not been received

Print ePro TRN site sheets for TT members to put together training folders

Check annuals due in Plateau for TT again and communicate any still pending due for all TT members

This should be done for any annuals due by TT members within 35 days TRN start
(This will cover for the whole time any TT member will be supporting the center)

Verify IT has placed PDAs in TRN bucket

Create generic badge and identifiers in TRN for PA training

8 Reception

3 Donor Support Tech

3 Phlebotomist

2 Processing

Ensure TT creates training folders for trainees using the appropriate barcode sheets

Ensure TT sets available site in ePro TRN to the center being used for training

Maintain and scan all completed digital Refractometer training of TT back to home center TC and message to have training assigned and recorded in Plateau

Track training completed and report back to Shar-Ron Maddox and L&D for each production area (weekly). This can be coordinated with the center TC.

Maintain TT schedule and email to assigned L&D Specialist

Complete TT Roles and Responsibilities and Adult Learning Principles presentation for all new trainers traveling to a center

Track TT hours and submit to home centers weekly

Hours Sent



Support Plasma Academy area monitoring as requested

Review Plasma Academy "Parking Lots" by area to get questions answered throughout the day

Outstanding Parking Lot Questions


Support Plasma Academy by assisting with "Knowledge" questions by area throughout the day

Assist Plasma Academy areas preparation/deletion of ePro TRN site scenarios

Collect any completed Plasma Academy LDCEs and deliver to designated area

Assist in area Plasma Academy Performance sign-offs

Complete any Variances with applicable center staff

Pending Variance Training


All center staff trained

Assist in center production as needed

Prior to Opening Day - Contact IT on the last day of training prior to opening day and have PDAs placed backed into production

Communicate progress, tasks to be completed or challenges with the Lead Trainer to follow for weeks 3 & 4

Notes of Disussion

Tasks to Complete - Weeks 3 thru 5

Digital Refractometer sign-offs (complete Knowledge and Performance) for new TT members as they arrive

Employees needing training


Knowledge and Performance Complete

Prepare Doctor CLIA sign-offs (should be scheduled for each Friday) for TT members and any staff that needs the training

Review Adult Leaning Principles with new TT members as they arrive

Scan and mail via FedEx completed digital Refractometer LDCEs to home TC

Ensure completed LDCEs are scanned and mailed to home center for TT members who have left (keep a copy here at center)

Review Expectations, Dos and Don'ts with TT as they arrive

Verify approval letters of visiting MSAs

Visiting MSAs



Review Decision List with TT as they arrive

Have Leadership add acting Training Coordinator to any open requisition in Virtual Edge (if applicable)

Assign locker and locks to TT as they arrive - Collect as they leave

Provide face shields and lab coats to training team as they arrive - properly dispose of as they leave

Ensure the TT receives a tour of the center as they arrive

Review training completed and tasks performed up to the point the new TT members arrive

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