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  • This Inspection Report is intended for use by employees to ensure contractors are meeting OH&S requirements and undertaking works in accordance with current industry standards.

  • Type of Work

  • Description of Works

  • Current Weather Conditions

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Has a JSEA/SWMS been completed with all associated risks identified?

  • Has the JSEA/SWMS been signed by all personnel at the site?

  • Are all personnel on site carrying appropriate licences for the tasks being performed?

  • Has a DBYD/MOCS enquiry been made to identify all other services in the vicinity of the works? (Planned works)

  • Is the appropriate PPE being worn for the activities being undertaken?

  • Is the PPE in proper condition and being worn correctly?

  • Are correct manual handling techniques being used by all personnel on site?

  • Is there a sufficiently stocked First-Aid kit available on site?

  • Is an Abnormal Voltage Detection Device (AVDD) being used for this task?

  • Is the AVDD being used correctly and is it within the required calibration period?

  • Please enter the calibration/service date and unit identification number.

  • Comments

Traffic and Pedestrian Management

  • Is appropriate traffic and pedestrian management being implemented?

  • Is a copy of the Traffic Management Plan available on site?

  • Has the worksite been isolated (e.g. Para-webbing, barriers) to protect the public and prevent unauthorized entry?

  • Are all safety signs and equipment being used in good condition?

  • Comments

Confined Space Entry

  • Does this activity involve Confined Space Entry (CSE)?

  • Have Confined Space Entry permits been obtained and filled out correctly?

  • Do all personnel performing the Confined Space Entry have the appropriate training and licenses?

  • Has the Operational Control Centre (OCC) been notified of the Confined Space Entry?

  • Is the Confined Space Entry being undertaken as per the Confined Space Entry Plan?

  • Is a copy of 'Confined Space Entry & Associated Work Procedures' (PRO-69) available/accessible on site?

  • Is all PPE being used for the Confined Space Entry in service and in proper condition for its use?

  • Comments

Vehicles, Plant and Equipment

  • Are all vehicles, plant and equipment clean and in good working order?

  • Are vehicle and plant log-books correctly filled out and up to date?

  • Does all plant and equipment have the required safety mechanisms and silencing tools in place?

  • Is there an 'in-service' Fire-Extinguisher available on site?

  • Comments

Asbestos Tasks

  • Is asbestos removal or repairs involved in this task?

  • Is the contractor suitably licensed (e.g. Class B licence) to undertake asbestos related activities?

  • Has an Asbestos Plan been completed and a Supervisor nominated?

  • Are all personnel involved in the task appropriately trained and certified to carry out asbestos related tasks?

  • Is the appropriate PPE for asbestos related tasks being worn by all workers on site?

  • Is the appropriate signage being displayed correctly on site?

  • Has all waste been removed as per current industry standards (i.e. double-bagged with SR number written on outer bag)?

  • Comments

Environmental Aspects

  • Are silt traps in place to prevent excessive sediment entry into storm water drains?

  • Are measures in place to protect Flora and Fauna from being damaged as a result of works?

  • Are all hazardous substances and/or dangerous goods stored safely on site and correctly labelled?

  • Are MSDS's available and/or accessible to workers on site?

  • Are waste stockpiles watered down to prevent excessive dust and contaminants from entering the atmosphere?

  • Comments

Customer Focus

  • Have customers been given the required notification of the activities being undertaken?

  • Has the water supply been shut down?

  • Please enter the time that water was called off.

  • Is the contractor aware of the timeframe for water supply interruptions (i.e. 146 minutes)?

  • Has there been any consequential damage caused to customers property or other assets?

  • If damage has been caused, have all of the relevant details been recorded and reported?

  • Comments


  • Is the excavation size appropriate for the activities being undertaken?

  • Is the correct equipment being used for the excavation?

  • Is the excavation greater than 1.5m in depth?

  • Has the contractor sent a notification to commence trenching to WorkSafe?

  • Are proper shoring devices safely in place?

  • Is backfilling and compaction being undertaken in accordance with council/VicRoads requirements?

  • Comments

Mechanical and Electrical - Sewer

  • Has the wet-well and site been cleaned as per standard procedures?

  • Are all covers correctly re-fitted and in good condition?

  • Are 'fall from heights' barriers and protection measures in place?

  • Are all alarm inhibit over-rides reset?

  • Are log-book details entered and station locked up?

  • Comments

Opportunity for Improvement

  • Were any opportunities for improvement identified during this inspection?

  • Please enter details below and ensure they are recorded, reported and followed up.

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