The version control will be maintained by the SHEQ team and is controlled via the Safety Equipment Inspections Document 2073838157-15.
LEVEL 6 PROGRESSION ASSESSMENT: A combination of competency based technical and theoretical skills that must be assessed prior to achieving Level 7 status.


Has the employee successfully completed 100% of relevant Cert IV qualification?

Please upload the transcript relating to the employee being reviewed


Do they independently complete work?

Do they consistently carry out work using quality control measures such as:






SAFETY: Do they actively plan tasks around HSE requirements to ensure compliance.
This competency requires 2 safety observations completed by the DTL or HSE Employee and 1 additional random observation completed by the Area Manager.

Safety Observation 1: Was the activity successful or were there safety failures?

Please upload the first safety observation completed by a safety committee representative, DTL or HSEQ

Safety Observation 2: Was the activity successful or were there safety failures?

Please upload the second safety observation completed by a safety committee representative, DTL or HSEQ Advisor

Random Observation 3: Was teh activity successful or were there safety failures?

Please upload the third and final safety observation completed by the Area Manager
Having requested a copy of the employees leave during the past 12 months prior to progression, please upload it in order to support your recommendation to elevtate the employee to a level 7:

360 Degree Feedback: This section is to be completed having sought feedback from the candidates:

Does the candidate work well with others and display behaviours consistent with a senior trades employee?

Are they consistently Reliable?

Are they consistently Communicative?

Are they consistently Honest?

Are they consistently Diligent?

Are they consistently Quality Focused?

Are they Timely?

Are they consistently Confident?

Do they consistently and proactively LEAD and mentor junior trades?

Do they consistently submit regular and reliable timesheets?

Do they consistently complete work orders with a high level of accuracy?

Does the candidate consistently and proactively (by request or self-initated), demonstrate a commitment to continuous process improvement?

Please upload an example (photo / document / meeting minutes or other) to support this:
Electrical / Mechanical Specific Tasks: Must be completed in a safe & legally competent manner.

Can they operate, install, maintain, fault-find and repair high voltage electrical equipment (HV)?

Can they write reports (E & M)?

Please upload an example:

Can they conduct workplace assessments (E & M)?

Can they work with hazardous chemicals (advanced) (E & M)?

Can they work in accordance with the Sydney Water containment and heavy articulated truck operation (E & M)?

Can they fault find, repair/rectify and modify complex electrical circuits (E)?

Can they shut down and isolate machines/equipment ( M)?

Can they follow the procurement and subcontractor control process (E&M)?

Can they connect/disconnect fixed wired equipment up to 1000v AC / 1500v DC
(E & M)?

Can they fault-find, test, calibrate instrumentation systems, equipment (E) / Maintain hydraulic systems (M)?

Can they Install, maintain and calibrate instrumentation sensors, transmitters and final control elements (E)?
Locate and replace instrumentation equipment (M)?

Can they tune control loops - multi controller or multi element systems (E)?
Chemical dosing - Installation, maintain and repair (M)?

Internal business exposure: where have they had exposure or additional experience

HSEQ - mandatory


Planning / Scheduling - mandatory



Systems (Maximo / Click)?


Please list any additional learning and development activity undertaken during the past 12 months that would support the employees progression. this could cover ereas such as: business, finance, training, safety and other professional certificates.
Mandatory course as per the competency framework are: Cert 4 Workplace Training & Assessment; Supervision Skills

Please upload certificates of completeion of the mandatory courses

Cert IV Safety

Business Administration



As the DTL or Area Manager, do you recomment the employee to progress to Level 7?

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