Hardware information
Start date of test


Is this a new addition or a replacement?

If a replacement, what is it replacing?

Is this model eprint capable?

Picture of hardware
Test environment

List the servers and operating system used for testing.

List the drivers used for testing

List the desktop OS and office suite used for testing.


Was tcpip (direct pc to printer) printing successful?

Was tcpip (print queue created on server) printing successful?

Does printer work with HPAC

Did test bundle 1 pass the test? Bundle 1 = word documents

Did test bundle 2 pass the test? Bundle 2 = excel documents

Did test bundle 3 pass the test?
Bundle 3 = powerpoint documents

Did test bundle 4 pass the test?
Bundle 4 = PDF files

Did test bundle 5 pass the test?
Bundle 5 = misc files

List other apps that was tested. Eg, jde, oracle, arm, cintellate, etc

If eprint capable, was test successful?


Was scan to email successful? (local address book)

Was scan to email successful? (ldap address book)

Was scan to folder successful? (default k:\scans only)

Is this device capable of double sided scanning in a single pass?


Has setup documents been created or updated?

File location?

Has webjet admin been updated with device information and firmware?

* Has "user guide" been updated?

* Has "catalogue testing and config.xlsx" been updated?

Has "Configuration Guides" been updated?

Has product catalogue in the intranet been updated?

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