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  • Clean/Tidy

  • Decluttered

  • Fridge cleaning log sheet available

  • Room cleaning logsheet available and updated (housekeeping)

  • No expired medications

  • Medications cassettes labeled with MRN and patients' name

  • Fridge cleaning log sheet (updated)

  • Multidose vials labeled with High Alert Medication Sticker, timed and dated when it was open

  • Narcotic/Controlled cabinet double locked

  • Endorsement of Narcotic/Controlled medication using the NARCOTIC/CONTROLLED LOGBOOK

  • Nurse incharge and receiving nurse signed the endorsement in the NARCOTIC/CONTROLLED LOGBOOK upon completion of stock endorsement

  • Cassettes in fridge labelled with High Alert Medication Stickers

  • Medication room is locked

  • Updated Narcotic list with expiry dates

  • Narcotic key is with SIC/SM

  • Trash Bin not full

  • Sharps container 3/4 full

  • Updated High Alert Medication list posted

  • Updated Look Alike/Sound Alike (LASA) posted


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