Inform PC of the radar failure and cancel the standing agreement. PC Antrim shall advise PC West Coast. PC shall not transfer any further a/c until Aldergrove APC declares that it is in a position to accept them.

Inform PC Supervisor to instigate flow control.

Inform DEO.

Inform BIAL.

Inform JHFNI & PSNI who shall be apprised of associated restrictions of movements.

Set-up non-radar procedures strip display.

Inform GM.

Log book entry.

Publish NOTAM asap.

When confirmation is received from the DEO that the radar is serviceable the RiT ATCO shall:

Inform PC Antrim.

Inform BIAL.

Carry out radar alignment checks as per MATS 2 Section 6.

Set radar defaults as per MATS 2.

Identify traffic on frequency. Caution must be exercised in the execution of this due to the possibility of mid-ident. ATCO's should consider routing a/c out of the hold before identification.

Inform traffic of alteration of service.

Inform PC LAS.

Subsequently, EGAA shall, when able:

Inform PC Antrim and re-instate the standing agreement.

Inform JHFNI & PSNI.

Cancel NOTAM.

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