Personal Checks

  • Has vehicle been checked for any damage and is clean and tidy condition?

  • Mileage

  • Is the driver in possession of a current driving license?

  • Is correct uniform being worn and in clean and tidy condition?


  • Tool check

  • Has engineer got a multimeter?

  • Serial Number

  • Plant check

Site Documentation Check

  • O&M Manuals

  • As fitted drawings

  • Commissioning documentation

  • LPS1014 Certificte

  • Log Book

  • Zone chart


  • 1.1 Was the service visit carried out at the correct time, i.e within the 4 hours to time agreed for fault call, or at the due date for routine inspection?

  • 1.2 Was the visit recorded on the correct documentation?

  • 1.3 Was the documentation completed and signed by the customer? (Where possible, check to see if copy was left with customer)

  • 1.4 If any temporary disconnections have been made, have they been authorised by the customer, and have arrangements been made for a follow up visit? If documentation was permanent has this been specifically agreed by the customer?

Site-Engineer Present

  • 2.1a Did the engineer have an ID card

  • 2.1b Did the engineer inform the customer that the system was being worked on and that the audible alarms may be tested? Establish, with the customer, whether there had been any problems with the system? Advise the customer of any limitations on the system while testing is in progress

  • 2.1c Did the engineer gather all relevant information to help in finding any possible faults? I.e reference to log book & historical record?

  • 2.1d Were repairs properly carried out and tested, or was the system made safe pending a follow up visit?

  • 2.1e Did the engineer visually inspect the system for damage, including areas of cover, wiring and flexible connections, junction box's included? Did the system comply with the specification? Was the specification available? Any building alterations?

  • 2.1g Were the audible alarms tested

  • 2.1h Was the operation of the alarm system tested?

    For all signalled systems
    1) was the system placed on test?
    2)were appropriate signals sent, and their receipt, in the correct sequence confirmed?
    3)was the system taken off test and customer informed that the system had been re-instated?

  • 2.1i Was the engineer using the appropriate test equipment? Was it calibrated where required?

  • 2.1j Did the engineer check the customer was familiar with the operation of the system, or was the additional training offered (if needed)?

  • 2.1k Has the system history card/log book etc, been completed with the details of visit?

  • 2.1l Has all the paperwork & PDA been completed and signed by both customer and engineer?

  • 2.1m Has the engineer asked the customer to complete the customer satisfaction section?

  • 2.1n Were the tested devices clearly marked with a coloured dot and noted in the documentation?

  • 2.1o Was the site configuration uploaded to PC?

Site-Engineer Not Present

  • 2.2a Was the system put on test?

  • 2.2b Were signals sent and received, was this recorded on the docket?

  • 2.2c Does the installation still reflect the as-fitted specification? If not, has an appropriate indication of the difference been entered onto the maintenance docket?

  • 2.2d Have there been any significant changes to the premises which require additional protection to maintain integrity of the system? Were these recorded and identified to the customer?

  • 2.2e Are there any deviations to the standards/codes of practice which have not been identified by the visiting engineer?

  • 2.2f Was the system properly taken of test?

  • 2.2g Has the system history card/log book etc, been completed with details of the visit?

Training Requirements

  • Have any training requirements been identified?

  • Note:- this list is not exhaustive and should be adapted to suit your individual needs.

  • Auditors signature

  • Engineers signature

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