Date & time of visit
Date of last service

Log book present

Log book up to date

Any changes to building structure since last visit

Control panels

Pan control.

Tilt controls.

Lens functions.

Wash functions.

Wiper functions.

Aux lighting.


Is general condition of monitors ok?

Is the correct monitor size installed for the required viewing distance?

Photo of equipment
Control equipment

Multiplex encoding

Multiplex decoding

Video switcher

Photo of equipment
Digital video recorder / multiplexer

Make & model number

Hard drive size

Days / hours recording

FPS Setting

Ensure original installation disks are available

Check air vents are clear (if possible)

Photo of equipment
PC Based systems

Ensure original installation disks are available

Check for disc damage

To speed up functions, detragment hard disk

Clean PC surfaces

Check air vents are clear (if possible)

Run diagnostic check

Establish regular back ups are taken

Check PC for adequate ventilation

Photo of equipment
Transmission systems

Make & model of equipment

Name of ARC

Check general assembly

Check video connections

Check transmitter

Check received picture quality with ARC

Check alarms against cameras

Check audio quality

Final notes & comments

Any notable variations to the standard
If yes, please state reason

Any remedial works recommended
If yes, please state

Sign off
Signed engineer
Signed customer