Job hazard checklist (mark at risk if applicable NA if not applicable)

  • Slipping/ tripping

  • water/dust/oil on floor

  • body position ( bending,twisting,kneeling,squatting,repetitive motion)

  • ventilation

  • Poor lighting

  • Fire

  • Hot/cold climate

  • Fall

  • Pressure systems (steam/air/water)

  • Chemical

  • Electrical

  • Mechanical (moving parts)

  • Line of fire/pinch points

  • Confined space

  • Job site clutter

  • Blocked isle ways

  • Pa/telephone not working in area

  • Condition of tools

  • Vehicle condition

  • Asbestos

  • Lead paint

  • Explosives

  • Lifting heavy or awkward objects

Human hazards (mark at risk if applicable NA if not applicable)

  • Time pressure

  • Distractive environment

  • High work load

  • First time evolution

  • First day back after ads off

  • 1/2 hr after wake up or meal

  • Over confidence

  • Communication

  • Vague/ wrong guidance

  • Stress-work/personal

Emergency info/equipment location


  • Fire exstinguisher in area

  • Safety shower/ eye wash station

  • Evacuation route known and open

  • Emergency phone location

  • Portable radio required chemical/biological measures

  • Chemicals

  • Reviewed MSDS

  • IH monitoring required

  • Safety shower/eyewash in area

  • Flammable combustables

  • Nuclear source/radiation safety

  • Biological hazard- cooling tower

  • Biological hazards condenser

General safety preventive measures

  • ADE reuired

  • Hot work permit required

  • Per-use inspection completed

  • Communication signal equipment

  • Depressurized vented drained

  • Barricade signs installed

  • Inspected prior to use ( guards switched,ect.)

  • Slings inspected

  • Grounds connected/ secured

  • One person job/ help required

  • Hot area/ heat stress prevention measures

  • Mechanical assistance

  • Stretching

Personal protective equipment

Minimal required hard hat, safety glasses, steel toe boots,

  • Fire retarded clothing

  • Gloves

  • Added foot protection

  • Face shield

  • Respirator

  • Hearing (ear plugs/muffs)

  • Fall protection equipment

  • Seat belts

  • Goggles

  • Flash gear( hood, face shield with chin cup, hood, coveralls, arc rated gloves)

  • Other PPE (chemical suit, extraction suit)

Plants and animals

  • Poison ivy / poison oak

  • Snakes, animals,insects, bees

  • Other hazards


  • Work authorization

  • Confined space

  • Hot work

  • Clearance required

  • Clearance accepted and signed on

  • Open hole/grating removal

  • Clearance permit tags verified

  • Excavation permit required

  • Other permits required

Fall protection

  • Safety harness inspected

  • Proper anchorage point

  • Lifeline personnel platform ( man basket)

  • Daily inspection

  • Other


  • Review policy

  • Proper barricade

  • Shoring/slopping/benching required

  • Proper access

  • Inspected by competent person

  • Other


  • Welding machine leads inspected

  • Combustibles

  • Welding screens

  • Grounded

  • Fire blanket

  • Fire extinguisher /inspected

  • Proper clothing

  • Welding gloves/sleeves/jacket

  • Fire watch

  • Heavy metals

  • Other


  • Gfci test

  • Electrical cord inspection

  • Electrical tool inspection

  • Lighting

  • Ground clearance

  • Other

Scaffold /ladder

  • Scaffolding inspected

  • Ladder inspected

  • Tagged

  • Special provisions

  • Access

Crane lifting equipment

  • Cranes/lifts inspected

  • Proper maintenance

  • Operator/oiler in place

  • Outrigger extended

  • Manual lifting equipment

  • Proper rigging practice

  • Personal platform per lift form

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