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  • Business name

  • Manager/proprietor

  • Telephone number

  • Email address

  • Premises address
  • Conducted on

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    1. Answer the questions below by selecting the most appropriate response.
    2. Add photos and notes as necessary evidences
    3. To add a corrective measure, click ""Add Action"", provide a description, assign to a member, set priority, and due date
    4. Complete the audit by providing a digital signature

General Provisions

  • 1 Cleanliness of premises, outbuildings, fixtures, fittings and equipment including grease traps and drains

  • 2 Control of animals and pests

  • 3 Adequate toilet facilities clean with hot/cold water

  • 4 Suitability and maintenance of premises, fittings and equipment

  • 5 Prevention of emissions – odour/liquid/other

  • 6 Appliances capable of destroying/rendering harmless effluvia, vapours and gases

Offensive Material

  • 7 Receptacle impervious, sufficient capacity with air tight cover

  • 8 Material placed in receptacle as soon as practical

  • 9 Receptacle emptied once per day

  • 10 Receptacle cleaned and sanitised once emptied

Specified Offensive Trades

  • 11 Floor – smooth, impervious, drained, coving

  • 12 Bucket trap/spoon drain

  • 13 Liquid refuse treatment – screened, cooled 26°C before discharge

  • Other comments

  • Please attend to any outstanding items by the due date. For enquiries contact the officer on the number below.

  • Reinspection date

  • I have read and I understand the contents of this assessment. Proprietor/staff name and signature

  • Officer name and signature

  • Officer contact name

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