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  • Type of facility

  • Business name

  • Manager/proprietor

  • Telephone number

  • Email address

  • Premises address
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1. Management

  • Name of licence holder

  • Name of manager

  • Address of licence holder

  • Office hours displayed

  • Register of occupiers maintained (including name, address, site, number plates and dates)

2. Numbers and types of licenced sites

  • Describe long stay sites

  • Number occupied/unoccupied

  • Describe short stay sites

  • Number occupied/unoccupied

  • Describe camping sites

  • Number occupied/unoccupied

  • Describe overflow sites (if any)

  • Number occupied/unoccupied

3. Communications

  • One telephone available at all times

  • Postal service including lockable boxes for long stay sites

4. Electricity

  • All caravan sites supplied with electricity

  • Separate meter at long stay sites

5. Roads

  • Speed limit 8km/h

  • Facility entrance road minimum 6m wide

  • Facility 1 way road minimum 4m wide

  • Facility 2 way road minimum 6m wide

6. Lighting

  • Ablutions light intensity not less than 100 lumens per square meter

  • Laundry light intensity not less than 160 lumens per square meter

  • Park area lit so occupants have sufficient visibility to go to and from amenities safely

7. Parking

  • Visitors Parking - 1 space per 20 caravan sites (min. 4 spaces)

  • Parking on sites - 1 space per site for vehicle (hard stand required for long stay)

8. On-site caravans and park homes

  • Wheels attached

  • One per site

  • Safe condition

  • Cyclone tie down points

9. Annexes (attached to caravan or single park home only)

  • Less than 300mm higher than caravan

  • Less than 3.6m wide

  • Not longer than the caravan

  • Rigid annexe approved (e.g. prefab, modular panels)

10. Fences

  • Less than 1.2m high

  • Constructed of lightweight material or mesh

11. Storage shed (light construction)

  • Less than 6 square meters in area

  • Less than 2.1m high

12. Setbacks for caravans, annexes and camps

  • 3m from caravan, camp, annexe

  • 3m from buildings (excluding ensuite)

  • 1m from open sided carport

  • 2m from closed sided carport

  • 1m from facility road

  • 6m from outside road

  • 1m from boundary

  • 2m from storage shed

13. Recreational area

  • Communal activity building

  • 10% of total park

  • Two thirds in the one area of the park

  • Protected child recreational area

14. Fire equipment

  • Adequate supply of water to fire hose reel

  • If water supply is not adequate, one fire extinguisher for every six sites within 30m of all sites

  • Equipment tested and tagged within last 6 months

  • Equipment easily accessible

  • Equipment clearly visible

15. Number of ablution facilities (within 90m of all sites)

  • Briefly describe male facilities (e.g. blocks 1, 2, 3/A, B, C/left and right etc)

  • Number of WCs

  • Length of urinal (mm)

  • Number of showers

  • Number of hand basins

  • Breifly describe female facilities (e.g. blocks 1, 2, 3/A, B, C/left and right etc)

  • Number of WCs

  • Number of showers

  • Number of hand basins

16. Showers

  • Area for dressing available

  • Lockable door that opens outwards or is removable

  • Permanently affixed seat available

  • Clothes hook available

  • Soap holder available

  • Supplied with hot and cold water

  • Sufficiently ventilated

17. Hand basins

  • Drain plug provided at every hand basin

  • Supplied with hot and cold water

  • Towel rails or hooks provided near hand basins

  • Mirror provided near hand basins

  • Shelving provided near hand basins

  • At least one hand basin accessible to a male or female person in a wheelchair

  • One powerpoint for each group of four hand basins

  • At least one powerpoint accessible to a male or female person in a wheelchair

18. Babies bath

  • Capacity of at least 45L

  • Constructed of stainless steel or other suitable material

  • Drain plug provided

  • Water proof bench at least 0.45 meters square and 450mm wide

  • Hot and cold water supplied through a mixing device

  • At least one babies bath accessible to a male or female person in a wheelchair

19. Ablutions

  • Toilet roll dispenser available

  • Clothes hook available

  • Sufficiently ventilated

  • Lockable door that opens outwards or is removable

  • Urinal attached to floor or wall of the building

20. Sanitary disposal units

  • One sanitary disposal unit for each group of ten toilets

  • Sanitary disposal unit in baby changing area

21. Laundry facilities

  • Briefly describe laundry facilities (e.g. blocks 1, 2, 3/A, B, C/left and right etc)

  • Number of washing machines

  • Number of laundry troughs

  • Drain plug provided

  • Supplied with hot and cold water

  • Bench at least 0.3 meters square with access to a powerpoint

  • One electric clothes drier or 60m of washing line

  • Slop hopper available

22. Washing up facilities (within 90m of all camp sites)

  • Number of washing up troughs (one for each 20 camp sites)

  • Trough constructed of stainless steel

  • Drain plug provided

  • Supplied with hot and cold water

  • Capacity of at least 45L

  • Waterproof bench at least 0.5 meters square

23. Waste water disposal

  • Caravan site no more than 10m from sullage point

  • Camp site no more than 30m from sullage point

  • Long stay site with ablution, toilet or laundry facilities connected to sewer/septic

  • Readily accessible communal chemical soil waste dump point

24. Potable water supply

  • Breifly describe source of potable water

  • Camp sites within 30m of tap

  • Short stay sites within 10m of a tap

  • Long stay sites provided with a tap

25. Animal management

  • Breifly describe animals permitted (if any)

  • Policy or rules for the control of animals available

  • Animals prohibited from on-site caravans

26. Rubbish

  • Breifly describe the rubbish collection service including contractor and frequency

  • At least one rubbish bin not less than 80L capacity within 90m of each site

  • Rubbish bins water and vermin proof

  • Rubbish bins in clean and hygienic condition

27. Solid fuel fires

  • Approved location designated by licence holder

  • If yes, breifly describe the approved location

28. Cyclone

  • Anchor points available for cyclone tie down

  • Confirm that cyclone managment plan is current

  • Other comments

  • Please attend to any outstanding items by the due date. For enquiries contact the officer on the number below.

  • Reinspection date

  • I have read and I understand the contents of this assessment. Proprietor/staff name and signature

  • Officer name and signature

  • Officer contact number

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