Assessment of the meal counting and claiming system. According to 7 CRF 210.8 (a)(1), every school year, prior to February 1, each School Food Authority (SFA) with more than one school (as defined 7 CFR part 210.2 to include Residential Child Care Institutions (RCCIs) must preform no less than one on-site review of the lunch counting and claiming system employed by each school under its jurisdiction. Each on-site review must ensure the school's claim is based on a counting system, as implemented, and yields the actual number of reimbursable free, reduced price, and paid lunches, respectively, served for each day of operation. If the review discloses problems with the school's meal counting or claiming procedures, the SFA must ensure that the school implements corrective action, and within 45 days of the review conduct a follow-up on-site review to determine that the corrective action resolved the problems.

  • 1. Is the method used for counting reimbursable meals in compliance with the approved point of service requirements? (Meal counts must be taken at the location where complete meals are served to children.)

  • 2. Is the point of service meal count used to determine the school's claim for reimbursement?

  • 3. Is the person responsible for monitoring meals correctly identifying reimbursable meals for the menu planning option selected by the SFA?

  • 4. Is the school correctly implementing policies for handling the following?

  • Incomplete meals?

  • Second meals?

  • Lost, stolen, misused, forgotten or destroyed tickets, token, IDs ,PINs?

  • Visiting student meals?

  • Adult and non-student meals (and identifying program vs. non-program)?

  • A la carte?

  • Student workers?

  • Field trips?

  • Charged and/or prepaid meals?

  • Offer vs. serve?

  • 5. Is there a method of identifying non-reimbursable meals (I.e. not meeting meal patten requirements, seconds, adult meals, etc.), distinguishing them from reimbursable meals?

  • 6. Is someone trained as a backup for the monitor and the meal counter?

  • 7. Are there procedures for meal counting and claiming when the primary counting and claiming system is not available and do staff know when and how to implement it?

  • 8. Are the daily counts correctly totaled and consolidated?

  • 9. If the claims are aggregated, are the meal counts correctly totaled and consolidated?

  • 10. Are the internal controls (edits,monitoring, etc.) established to ensure that daily counts do not exceed the number of students eligible or in attendance and that an accurate claim for reimbursement is made? Record today's meal counts by category and compare to the number of students eligible by category.

    Number of students approved by category
    Free: 100%

  • Enter today's meal counts. Free:

  • 11. Does the system prevent overt identification of children receiving free or reduced price meals?

Corrective action plan (for above "NO" answers):

Specify date corrective action(s) will be implemented:

By whom?

  • School representative , Title, Date

  • SFA Reviewer, Title, Date

Follow-up visit (must be conducted within 45 days if corrective action was required): Observations of corrective action implementation:

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