Job Number & Name

Item Description
Allotment Drainage

A) Concrete catch drains have been visually inspected and are satisfactory

Clear of all silt debris

No damage or cracking

Overland flow path profile maintained

B) Interallotment drainage structure satisfactory

Storm water Drainage System

A) Pipe work has been visually inspected & is satisfactory

Free of debris & siltation

Pipe joints satisfactory with no deflection or movement

No visual sign of tench subsidence

No exposed reinforcing steel to cut pipe ends

B) Pits & manholes have been visually inspected & are satisfactory

No ponding, clear of silt & debris

No excessive cracking or distress of reinforced concrete works

All mortar is in place, no excessive spalling, flacking or cracking

No visible sign of subsidence

Lids fitted correctly, greased & correct class

C) Gross pollutant traps

D) Kerb transitions to side inlet pits are satisfactory

E) Outlet/Inlet structures are satisfactorily constructed and free from scour or siltation

F) All safety rails have been installed at Outlet/Inlet structures

G) All rock protection, gabions & Reno mattresses are in place & satisfactory

H) All manhole & gully pit pipe connections are mortared flush with the walls & no pipe reinforcement is exposed

I) Open cut channels are grassed as required & have been finally inspected and are satisfactory

J) Overland flow, inspected & appropriate drainage provided & clear of obstruction

K)Subsoil drainage discharges to gullies or other approved points of discharge

L) Subsoil clean out installed & functioning satisfactorily

N) All grassing requirements to channels, Swales, outlets, inlets etc. have been completed

O) Soil & water management measure are in place & in accordance with approved plan


A) Retaining walls constructed in accordance with drawings

B) Ensure 50mm parapet to retaining wall maintained

C) Batter slopes stabilised against erosion as per design

D) All areas disturbed by the works have been grass seed or mulched

Water Reticulation

A) Pipe layout & services fixtures (valves & hydrants) is as per the plan

B) Pipe work have been pressure tested in accordance with council requirements

C) Pipe work has been chlorinated in accordance with council requirements

D) There are no visible signs of trench subsidence or leaks

E) Valves & hydrants have been inspected & are satisfactory I.e


Setts & surrounds aligned with pipe work as per council requirements

Depth to top of hydrant or valves system within limits

TSV Council - Fire hydrants 100mm - 200mm Valves

TSV Council - SV valves 100mm - 350mm valves

Dust caps to hydrants

Hydrant road markers installed including glass beads

Kerb markings installed correctly

Road Surfacing

A) Bitumen/AC satisfactory with regard to finish & thickness

B) Joints are flush, Inparticular with other stages

C) The sealed surface is free of blemishes

D) Roadway is free from siltation

E) AC finish is 5mm proud of lip line

Concrete Kerb & Channel & Medians

A) The correct type of kerb has been used to all locations ( including medians) in accordance with drawings

B) Ponding of stormwater does not occur

C) Transition & connections to existing construction smooth & to a satisfactory standard of workmanship (600mm)

D) Service conduit markers have been placed in kerb face

E) All channelisation works & medians have been successfully completed

F) Infill treatment of medians has been inspected & found satisfactory

G) All signage in place & bolts if sleeve used

H) Standard storm water kerb adapters & storm water pipes have been provided as required


A) Profiles are as per plan (2% to 4%)

B) Footpath has been top soiled satisfactory

C) Street tree planting is in place as specified

D)Footpath has been turfed with suitable grass species where specified

E) Concrete footpaths have been constructed to council standard

F) Footpaths are free of rock & loose stones

Fencing & Features

A) All fences other than approved entrance features have been constructed with allotments

B) Entrance features & fences have satisfied building approvals (if required)

C) Sound attenuation fences & or mounds are constructed in accordance with the drawings were required


A) Street name signs with numbers, traffic signs & pavement marking have been installed

B) Works have not resulted in problems or neighbouring priorities. Clearance letters from property owners required

C) Bollards to restrict vehicle access have been installed

D) Consulting engineers supervision certificate has been completed

E) As Constructed submission has been provided to council & is satisfactory

F) All allotment boundaries, easements, etc have been pegged

G) All PSM's have been installed

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.