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  • Site conducted

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  • Prepared by

  • Location


  • Installed as per the approved plan

  • Certificate of compliance received for plumbing connections to the septic system

  • As constructed received

  • The apparatus installed is as per the application and approval to construct

Onsite Assessment - Septic Tanks

  • Tanks have been holding water for 24 hours

  • Inlet and outlets pipes have been mudded over and not leaking water

  • Septic tanks are no less than 1.2m from the foundations of any building or boundary.

  • Inlet and outlet squares are 180 degrees from each other

  • Trafficable covers have been installed (if required)

  • Inspection opening is above the vertical leg of the inlet and outlet fittings.

  • Educt or back vents in connection with the tanks, unit or receptacle for drainage fitted with mosquito proof mesh

Onsite Assessment - Receptacle for Drainage

  • Drains, fixtures and fittings left open for inspection

  • Receptacle for drainage not paved or covered with a surface treatment

  • Receptacle for drainage 1.2m away from a trafficable area

  • Constructed more than 30m away from a well, stream, or underground water (bore) intended for human consumption

  • 6m from any subsoil drainage or open drainage channel

  • Alternator is in a functional state

  • Receptacle for drainage 1.8m from a boundary, building and septic tank, or other soak well

  • Drains are covered with blue metal

  • The top of the soak well not more than 300mm or less than 150mm below ground level

  • Soak wells in a series have a long square on the outlet


  • Further Notes

  • Officer name and signature

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