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Parking Lot

  • Is the parking lot and DT Lane clean and free of debri?

Dining Rooms

  • Entry sign

  • There is a designated ENTRY WAY DOOR and an EXIT DOOR.

  • Floor Markings

  • Is Red Tape used to mark of social distancing pathways for Guests & indicate tables that are closed due social distancing.

Front Counter Area

  • Between guest use of pin pad, are employees wiping down the pads using alcohol prep pads?

  • Are sanitizer/wipes available for guest use?

  • Are all items removed from guest access and self-service? (Lids, cups, straws, condiments, napkins, coffee, sauce packets, etc.)

  • Guest ordering a beverage- employee hands guests cups, lids, straws, and a sanitizer wipe and says “ Here is a sanitizer wipe should you want to wipe down the screen before choosing your beverage”.

  • Employees place all items in carry out bags ( even for those dining in)? No dine-in baskets should be used or table service being provided.

  • Employees are monitoring dining room to ensure guests are following social distancing.

  • When guest leave, employees are quickly cleaning and disinfecting the tables and chairs.

  • Restrooms are clean and stocked up (soap, toilet paper, paper towels, and seat covers available)?

  • Are restrooms being disinfected with Peroxide cleaner every hour?

Ongoing Safety Measures

  • All employees are wearing both gloves and masks.

  • FOH Team Members must wash hands and change gloves every 30 minutes and BOH Team Members every hour. Is there a timer.

  • Is the Daily Health Questionnaire being filled out every shift?

  • Where are the Questionnaires being kept?

  • On the Questionnaires- are they being filled out correctly (not with employee names, only Badge IDs)?

  • There is timer set for employees to disinfect all guest high-touch areas every hour?

  • Is there an adequate amount of Peroxide at the location?

  • Team Member Job Aid

  • Are the Team Member job aids posted at both front & Drive-thru?

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