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  • Location
  • Report/Event #

  • Report/Event Name

Violation of Crime

  • Indicators of Atrocity Crime Committed - (most serious and cruel of crimes)

  • US Code Crime Violation

  • Standard Reporting of Violations

  • Description (extra notes) - patterns, characteristics, attributes, traits


  • Accountability

  • Other Accountability Factors

  • Frequency

  • Median Pain Intensity overall for per a frequency.

  • Each frequency has a unique pain intensity. The number of times a pain intensity occurs can be added up to be equivalent to the maximum amount of paint intensity on the scale added to the multiple events. If a single event has a pain intensity of 1, and another event has a pain intensity of 1, that equals to 2 dols in pain intensity or any other forms of measurement of pain. If another event occurs at 25 dols, the summed up amount of measurement of pain, is 27.

  • criminal recency after acknowledging it is a crime


  • The information I have provided in this report is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. The information report contains everything I can recall.

  • Disclaimer: The assessors believe the information contained within this assessment report to be correct at the time of printing. The assessors do not accept responsibility for any consequences arising from the use of the information herein. The report is based on matters which were observed or came to the attention of the assessors during the day of the assessment and should not be relied upon as an exhaustive record of all possible risks, hazards, events that may exist or potential mitigation that can be made.

Service Rubric

Disclaimer - Exemption of liability and duty to service, but agree to participate to best of ability and circumstances.

  • Due to sensitivity, complexity, assets not set in place, circumstances, movement by the adversary; enemy; service of duty may not be providable or guaranteed. Non presence of Careful Nurturing American Society or Enforcing Society or Mantic/Phenomenon/Constitutional Representatives participation/governmental Representatives participation is an indicator and reason for probable outcome of non providable or non guaranteed service. Individual and alliances do not claim to have warranty or representation due to may not be suitable, reliable, applicable, merchantable, fit, noninfringing, result, outcome or any other matter.

  • Hazard/Caution Warning: Atrocity Criminal Organization is around me, in me, in scope, out of scope.

  • I, IV, We, will not be liable for damages, costs, or losses incurred by atrocity criminals and to others, due to failure, delay of performance, or any obligations. But will attempt to compensate for own volition; provide for welfare; duty to humanitarian law; duty and enforcement against human rights violations; enforce state laws; enforce county laws; enforce national laws; enforce international laws, to the best of our ability and within reason when castigating.

  • Service provided essential enforcement.

  • Service provided public safety.

  • Service promoted community involvement.

  • Service offered stability/reassurance.

  • Service offered assistance.

  • Service offered visibility.

  • Service displayed moral and ethical standards.

  • Service displayed public trust.

  • Service displayed accountability and transparency to the public.

  • Service displayed a form of teamwork that served the community best.

  • Service displayed a form of cooperation that served the community best.

  • Service displayed an initiative for crime control.

  • Service displayed leadership for crime control.

  • Service displayed an intiative for public safety.

  • Service formed a partnership with citizens.

  • Service improved quality of life through control.

  • Service improved quality of life through reduction of crime.

  • Service displayed determination of mission towards public service.

  • Service displayed determination towards quality of the work.

  • Service displayed dedication towards quality of the work.

  • Service seeked to recruit individuals who possess qualities of determination and dedication towards mission.

  • Service seeked to retain individuals who possess qualities of determination and dedication towards mission.

  • Service had enhancement of skill to ensure motivation.

  • Service had enhancement of skills to ensure creativity.

  • Service had enhancement to ensure dedication.

  • Service had enhancement to ensure professionalism.

  • Service collaborated with neighborhoods to develop meaningful and cooperative strategies to solve nature of county/local problems.

  • Service strengthened community partnerships.

  • Service enhanced community-based services.

  • Service promoted responsibility and accountability.

  • Service maximized resources.

  • Service harnessed proven technology.

Accountability for Service

  • Accountability for Service

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