Pre Arrival Staging

  • Entire assigned ramp crew is on the gate prior to aircraft arrival?

  • All equipment is outside of the aircraft containment area, including the passenger boarding bridge?

  • FOD Walk is performed and gate ramp area is free of FOD?

  • Approved hearing protection worn?

Marshalling To Gate

  • Marshaller and both wing walkers wearing safety vests and using day/night wands?

  • Marshaller in appropriate location and visible to the flight deck at all times?

  • Both wing walkers in position for the entire receipt and using appropriate hand signals?

Aircraft At Gate

  • Safety guide posts properly positioned upon arrival?

  • Aircraft properly chocked, nose wheel and right inboard main (aft tire on the B757, B767 and A330)?

  • Passenger boarding bridge does not move towards aircraft until after the nose wheel has been chocked?

  • Passenger boarding bridge is positioned properly and the rubber spacer is not touching the aircraft?

  • Aircraft engine spool down time observed?

  • Correct steering bypass pin installed prior to tow bar connection?

  • Guide person used to connect tow bar and push tug – push tug driver refrains from standing while connection is made?

  • Ground power and/or air hose connected and operating properly?

  • Walk around completed by Marshaller within 10 minutes?

  • Equipment and personnel are clear of the cargo bin door when opening?

  • Belt loaders properly positioned at the aircraft and properly chocked?

  • Belt loaders are not driven while the handrails are raised?

  • Proper Fall Protection used? (i.e. Handrail)

  • Employees refrain from riding or walking on moving belt into or out of the aircraft bin?

  • Five foot rule is observed by all applicable ground equipment?

  • Fuel truck or stationary hydrant cart properly positioned, chocked and bonded while parked at the aircraft?

  • Water/Lav service truck properly positioned and chocked?

  • Catering truck properly chocked, stabilizers extended, with rubber space bar not touching the aircraft and safety guide rails extended?

  • Employees avoided leaving rear door of high lift truck open with truck body raised?

  • No three-way connections were observed?

  • Vehicles left running and unattended are properly corralled or chocked?

  • Employees avoided standing or crossing between hitched baggage carts/dollies?

  • Employees avoided piling/transporting baggage or cargo on cart roofs or on tug hoods and inside tug?

  • Employees avoided driving under aircraft wings (exception B767 & A330 for applicable ground equipment)?

  • Employees operating equipment at safe speeds?

  • Bin contents stacked below Fire Suppression Line?

  • Cargo nets installed prior to closing bin door?

  • Employees refrained from using personal electronic devices?


  • Walk around completed for pre-departure?

  • Main gear chocks are pulled and stowed after all ground equipment is clear of the aircraft containment area?

  • Nose wheel chocks remain in place until after passenger boarding bridge is removed?

  • Safety guide posts removed and properly stored at departure time?


  • Aircraft containment area is clear before dispatching aircraft?

  • Both wing walkers in position prior to commencement of pushback?

  • Both wing walkers are wearing a safety vest and using day/night wands?

  • Push tug driver communicates pushback about to commence to wing walkers prior to aircraft movement?

  • Wing walkers in position for the entire dispatch procedure, displaying correct hand signals during pushback?

  • After pushback, Hold Signal is displayed until all equipment and personnel are clear of aircraft?

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