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  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Job details

  • Location

  • Asset

  • Type

  • Proposed Work

  • Weather

  • Work is

  • Reason for work

Safe Job Planning

  • Task requires any of the following permits

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  • Is this task classified as 'High Risk'

  • Is there a SWMS for this task

  • Were employees required to be logged onto 'Lone Worker'

  • Was a JSA required


  • Were all staff involved in constructing the JSA

  • Does the JSA identify all the job steps

  • Is the JSA detailed and avoids generic terms

  • Are all staff signed onto the JSA

  • Copy of JSA


  • Are all staff wearing the required P.P.E

  • Were staff required to wear hard hats

  • Did staff have a wide brim or legionnaires flap attached to their hard hat

  • At any stage did you have to remind staff to put on their P.P.E


  • Was the equipment used appropriate for the task

  • Do staff have the appropriate level of training

  • Was the equipment inspected prior to use

  • If FIPS gear was used, was the equipment within 10 years of its date of manufacture

Work Site

  • Is the area free from slips, trips & falls

  • Are exclusion zones in place

  • Is signage in place

Manual handling

  • Are staff taking regular rest breaks

  • Are staff job sharing/rotating

  • Are staff utilising 2 man lifts for heavy equipment


  • General observations

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