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School Safety Audit Checklist

  • Front gate access to property

  • Vehicles are checked logbook filled out for vehicles

  • School grounds are fenced

  • Approximate height 4'?

  • There is one clearly marked and designated entrance for visitors.

  • Signs are posted for visitors to report to main office through a designated entrance

  • Restricted areas are clearly marked

  • Shrubs and foliage are trying to allow for good line of sight

  • Bus loading and drop off zones are clearly defined

  • Access to bus loading area is restricted to all the vehicles during loading and unloading

  • Steph is assigned to busload and drop off area's

  • Bus loading and drop off zones are clearly defined

  • There's a schedule for maintenance of

  • Outside lights

  • Locks and hardware

  • Storage sheds

  • Windows

  • School Exterior

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School Exterior and Play Areas

  • Parent drop off and pick up area is clearly define

  • There's adequate lighting around the building

  • Lighting is provided at entrances and other points of possible intrusion

  • The school ground is free from trash and debris

  • The school is free of graffiti

  • Play areas are Fence

  • Playground equipment has tamperproof fasteners

  • Visual surveillance of bicycle racks is possible

  • Visual surveillance a parking lot from main office is possible

  • Parking lot is lighted probably and lights are functioning

  • Accessible lenses are protected by some unbreakable material

  • All areas of school doings and grounds are accessible to patrolling security vehicles

  • Driver education vehicles are secure

  • Students staff or issue parking stickers for assigned parking areas

  • Students access to parking here is restricted to arrival and dismissal times

  • Outside hardware has been removed from all doors except at points of entry

  • Ground floor windows

  • No broken panes

  • Locking hardware in working order

  • Staff in visitor parking has been designated

  • Basement windows are protected with grill or well cover

  • Doors are locked when classrooms are vacant

  • High risk areas are protected by high-security locks and alarm systems

  • Main office

  • Cafeteria

  • Computer labs

  • Industrial arts room

  • Nurses office

  • Boiler room

  • Electrical rooms

  • Phone line access closet

  • Unused areas of school can be closed off during afterschool activities

  • There is two a communication between the main office and

  • Classroom

  • Duty stations

  • Re-location classrooms

  • Staff and faculty outside building

  • Buses

  • Students are restricted from loitering in Corridors and hallways and restrooms

  • Restricted areas are properly identified

  • There are written regulations restricted students access to the school grounds and buildings

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Smart fields

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Dynamic Fields

Dynamic Fields

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    Is there any faulty equipment?
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