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Shop Display

  • TV/Electronic devices are opened and volume up properly.

  • Sofas/couches are in good conditions.

  • Light bulbs are working properly.

Furnitures and Essentials are in proper ways

  • Wall mirrors and stand wall mirrors no stains and fingerprints.

  • Small mirrors no stains and fingerprints.

  • Mirror on island shelfs no stains and fingerprints.

  • Wall clock.

  • Tree decoration. (No spider web and dust)

  • No-unneeded decorations.

  • No dust or spider web behind the island shelves.

  • No stain/rust and no dust on the shelfs.

  • No piece of paper, rubber or hair on the floor.

  • A fire extinguisher is ready-to-use with indicate an expiry and maintenance date.


  • A1POS are up to date and clean.

  • A showing POP is up-to-date.

  • No stains or defect.

  • Not put unofficial POP without inform.

  • Acrylic isn't cracked or broken and put in place.

Glasses on shelfs

  • No finger prints or stain on frame/lens.

  • Glasses are tidy and clean.

  • Barcode and price tag is up-to-date and tidy.

  • Fill up the glasses on shelf after it has been sold.

  • Close the drawer after use.

  • Under stock is kept neatly.

Counter and Cashier

  • No pen marks on the surface of the wood.

  • No attach memos or sticky notes.

  • Papers and documents are in order.

  • Do not leave things lying after used; rubber, notes, clips, Ipad etc.

  • Fill up glasses tray after used

  • Customer que and ticketing system are organized

Staff Room

  • Staff lockers/boxes are neat and tidy. (Only black color is permitted)

  • The sink is cleaned no stain or rust.

  • Has a pleasant smell.

  • No bugs or cockroaches.

  • Documents/Stuffs are kept in a proper place.

  • Walls not cracked or damaged.

  • No left out food in the staff room.

Summary Details

  • Others suggestion and things to improve

  • Trainer

  • Shop Manager

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