Location in Warehouse

  • What location are you inspecting?


  • Are the work areas, floors, walkways and other surfaces clean and orderly?

  • Are the work surfaces dry; free of spilled materials and/ or liquids?

  • Is the area from from an accumulation of dust or potential contaminates?

Aisles/ Walkways/ Exits

  • Are all aisles and walkways free from obstructions (protruding parts, bands, pallets, equipment,etc.)?

  • Are all aisles and walkways in good repair?

  • Are all chains across the dock doors where trailers are not present and doors are open?

  • Are fire exits, access stairs and fire equipment unobstructed?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Are protective face shields worn during battery changes and in good condition?

  • Are gloves being worn when handling metal and are they in good repair?

Fire Prevention and Protection

  • Is combustible material stored safely and removed promptly?

  • Do fire extinguishers appear to be mounted securely and not blocked from access?

  • Is product stored at least 18 inches below the overhead sprinklers so as not to disrupt water flow?

  • Are all containers labeled as to their contents?

Material Handling and Storage

  • Is PIV equipment properly parked in designated ( forks down, keys off, away from doorways and ramps, etc.)

  • Are loads secured and stable against sliding or collapsing? (Wrapped, tied, banded, etc.)

  • Are loads limited in height to make the product reachable, capable of fitting in reserves and not top heavy?

  • Are pallets in good condition? (No broken boards and capable of support the weight on them)

  • Are racks in good condition and properly anchored? (Beam properly seated, uprights not bent severely, decking secure, etc.)

  • Are trailers secured from movement during loading and unloading (including use of jack stands, operational warning lights on dock locks, chocks in place during loading and unloading)?

  • Are PIV pre-inspection cards completed and free of any noted issues?


  • Do switches, receptacles, etc. appear to be properly installed?

  • Is electrical equipment (coffee makers, microwaves, vending machines, etc.) free from recognized hazards (e.g. frayed cords, poor insulation, etc.)?

  • Are all power strips only plugged directly into a receptacle (not plugged in to one another)?

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