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  • Window sheet matches work order and body serial tag

  • Rear door serial number

  • Antenna

  • Radio

  • Need Decals

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  • Clearance lights <br>Screws need to be stainless steel (lights in corner castings, license plate light)

  • Running lights

  • LED Brake and turn signals (multi diode) (TRUCKLITE)

  • LED Backup lights (1 diode) (TRUCKLITE)

  • Other


  • Coat Hook installed middle top bulkhead

  • Reflector Kit installed behind PS seat on bulkhead ledge, screwed to base

  • 5 lb fire extinguisher installed behind DS seat on bulkhead ledge, screwed to base

  • Fasteners in lower and upper corners

    no label
  • All caulking neatly done around bulkhead interior perimeter<br>No sharp edges

  • Other

  • Other

Front wall

  • Radius, front corner posts, rub rail edges all sealed (fully and neatly)

  • Centre 3 clearance lights (not crooked)

  • Other


  • Two rows of hat tails

  • Cap bottom of panels with aluminum channel using silaprene<br>Neatly done (no sharp edges)

  • Round fuel pod used

  • Camtainers in hat rail trim ends (2 per piece)

  • Other

  • Other


  • Rear of Penske

    no label
  • 3" x 3" x 24" rubber bumpers mounted under tail lights

  • Install only 1 handle on rear frame PS

  • License plate light and bracket on DS only

  • Plastic license plate screw holders installed

  • 10 - 3/16" mono bolts used to attach filler panel to body

  • Red reflectors installed between recessed lights

  • Lights are are by "TRUCKLITE"

  • Backup lights installed above S/T/T lights

  • Bumper flange to be against sill panel

  • Bumper powder coated (black)

  • Other

  • Other


  • All tie downs tight (torqued to proper specs)

  • 20" x 24" plain black mudflaps

  • Mudflaps cover tires

  • Plywood bonded to cross-members with grey silaprene caulking

  • Fuel filler not crimped, all gear clamps tight<br>3/4" min flow angle to fuel tank

  • Welds at rear for bumper brackets properly done

  • Max. 3/16" gap between bumper end and bracket

  • Bolt /nuts attached to ramp / carriage tight

  • Other

  • Other


  • 10' aluminum ... 27" OD ramp , monorail style

  • Front and rear stops positioned properly

  • Walkramp support angle welded in place<br>Sliders bolted properly<br>Sliders not interfering with ramp hand grip areas

  • Works smoothly no binding


  • Dome light working, installed on the 5th roof bow<br>"TRUCKLITE" LED with 30 min. solid state timer at rear 72" above the floor PS<br>6-diode pattern light

  • Foam tape and caulking to be done to interior floor edges.

  • Front corner protectors installed (secured with adhesive) (translucent roofing)

  • Marine style plywood (3/4")

  • Screws through each crossmember

  • Caulking neatly done around floor perimeter

  • Aluminum threshold cap properly installed

  • Door stop bolt (pointing down .... Nut on the bottom)

  • Two (2) tie rings installed on front wall 46.5 from floor<br>56" spaced between rings (centred on front wall)<br>Bolted to front wall ... No screws

  • Slats installed 24" and 58" above the floor

  • Other

  • Other

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