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Pre-work Inspections

  • Is vehicle washed

  • Protective film on Vehicle - Door sills, Kick Panels, Headlights, Mudguards

  • Pre-work inspection sheet complete

  • Safety check of Jack stands and jack complete

  • Battery terminals disconnected

Bay 1 (inside)

  • Interior strip-out complete

  • All parts and seats wrap'ed for protection

  • All wiring looms, modules marked with RO#

  • Fresh air fitted correctly

  • 5 s housekeeping & appearance

Bay 1 ( outside )

  • Exterior strip complete

  • Removed tyres have RO# printed on inside

  • Are there lock nuts fitted to this vehicle

  • Are brake pad markings filled in and complete

  • Brake calliper bolts tensioned (70ft/lb.) and marked

  • Check for loose parts

  • RHD Steering rack fitted ( with extensions & boots fitted )

  • Rack bolts tensioned ( 159ft/lb. ) & marked.

  • Tie-rod ends tensioned ( 51ft/lb.) & marked

  • Steering lines mounted and secure

Bay 2 ( inside )

  • Firewall cut out correctly

  • Pedal location correct Accelerator, park brake, brake & footrest

  • Brake pedal pivot bolt tensioned & marked

  • Brake booster bolts tensioned & marked ( 5nm )

  • Ensure steering shaft clearance on firewall

Bay 2 ( outside )

  • Wiring complete junction box & brake booster

  • Steering shaft tensioned & marked (26ft/lb.)

  • Check vacuum line on booster

  • Check air box, junction box & water bottle mounting

  • Brake lines secure & not rubbing

  • Check handbrake cable for rubbing & heatshield

  • Ensure wiper cowl is free from fillings before fitment

  • Seats converted foam packing, plastic cover fitment & switch cut-out

Bay 3 ( inside )

  • Heater box sealed and operating correct

  • Air ducting painted and sealed

  • Sound deadening neat & tidy

  • Wiring neat & secure

  • Power up complete stereo, ignition & tech 2 complete.

Bay 3 ( outside )

  • Lights converted park lights, indicators, tail lights & headlights

  • Windscreen wiper sweep & operational ok

  • Performax badges fitted to front and back

  • All fluids full & brakes bled

  • All wheels fitted, tensioned & marked

Bay 4 ( inside )

  • Dash facia has no scratches

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