Building Entrance and Exterior

  • Parking lot in good repair. No significant pot holes.

  • Grounds properly maintained including dumpsters.

  • Fire lane in front of school kept clear.

  • Entrance surface/sidewalks/steps in good repair.

  • Protection mats in place at front doors.

  • Handrails secure where needed.

  • Doors open properly. Not locked from the inside.


  • Hallways and floors are properly maintained.

  • Hall walls are <20% covered if sprinkled and <50% if not sprinkled.

  • Good housekeeping practices are followed.

  • Electrical outlets are not blocked or overloaded.

  • Furniture is in good condition and does not block exits.

  • Office machines and school equipment are properly maintained.

  • Extension cords are used properly and in good condition.

  • Electrical outlets near water sources are GFCI protected.

  • Emergency escape routes are posted in each room and at the fire panel.


  • A fire extinguisher is located in the room.

  • Eyewash and shower station is present and inspected monthly.

  • Chemicals are stored properly and in minimal quantities.


  • Lights shielded with proper protective guards.

  • Floor is in good condition.

  • Bleachers are in good condition.

  • Storage areas are organized and secure.

  • Gym exercise equipment is in good condition.

  • Showers are clean and working properly.

Custodial Closets and Storage Rooms

  • Mechanical rooms and custodial closets are kept locked.

  • Chemicals are properly labeled.

  • Items are stored properly and according to weight.

  • Top level storage leaves 18 inches of ceiling clearance.

  • Flammable items are stored properly or in flammable caninets.

Nurse Office

  • Floors and surfaces are clean and sanitized.

  • Blood borne pathogen procedures are followed.

  • Materials are available for proper handling of and disposal of sharps.

  • Materials are available for proper disposal of biohazard waste.


  • Required employee postings are properly displayed.

  • The MSDS book is available and updated.

  • Fire extinguishers and fire panel are in place, inspected, and not blocked.

  • Fire exits are clearly marked with lighted signs.

  • Non-emergency exit doors are properly labeled.

  • Ladders/lifting/transport assistance are available for use.

  • Electrical panels are not blocked.

  • Stairs have handrails and slip-resistant surfaces.


  • Other safety issues noted.


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