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Bi-Annual PHC Essential Checks Audit

Client Centred Care

  • Is there a mechanism for client feedback in the health centres?

  • Please specify which method of client feedback is available.

  • The charter of rights is available in client accessable areas.

  • Posters visible to clients are relevant and the current version.

  • Posters visible to clients are laminated.

  • Any issues regarding this section, please document here.


  • There is an uninterrupted power supply to the health centre.

  • How many power outages has there been this month?

  • Please comment exact number of outages.

  • All electrical equipment has had it's annual testing and tagging performed.

  • There are body / cardiac protected power outlets within the health centre.

  • There is an annual maintenance check of the outlets performed.

  • When is it due?

  • All electrical leads and outlets are in good working order.

  • There is a current plan in place to cover all possible emergencies.

  • It is centrally located and available to all staff.

  • Is there disability access into, and within the centre?

  • The disability access points comply with Australian standards.

  • OBSERVATION: All exit points to the health centre are easily accessable.

Infection Prevention

  • All relevant linen is changed between clients.

  • Sharps containers are attached to solid surfaces as per DOH sharps policy.

  • Relevant PPE is available in all clinical areas. (Gloves, Aprons, etc..)

  • Sharps containers are available at point of care as per DOH sharps policy.

  • Sharps containers are stored and disposed of appropriately.

  • Hand hygiene products are available at all points of care as per DOH hand hygiene policy.

  • Hand hygiene products are secured to solid surfaces (Brackets, etc..)

  • All staff are up to date with hand hygiene training requirements.

  • Is there a cleaning manual and schedule available in the health centre?

  • Is the cleaning schedule followed?

  • Is there evidence that cleaning is completed in accordance with schedule?

  • Any issues identified regarding health centre cleaning, please document here.


  • All clinical equipment is up to date with annual preventative maintenance program.

  • All relevant staff in the health centre have completed competency training in the use of the stryker stretcher.

  • The Examination couches are in good working order.

  • Please select the issue(s)

  • The emergency trolleys are in good working order.

  • The health centre vehicles interiors are free of visible dirt.

  • OBSERVATION: At this time the ambulance interior is clean and fully stocked.

  • Any issues identified regarding health centre vehicles, please document here.

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