Documents and Records

  • 7) Is there a file containing all relevant H&S documents?

Where required, are the following documents available?

  • 8) PSI H&S policy document - available on staffnet FSE Faculty Operation: Health,Safet and Wellbeing

  • 9) Laboratory policy and procedures (in the PSI policy document)

  • 10) Equipment operation instructions

  • 11) Emergency action procedures

  • 12) Relevant H&S policy and guidance notes (available from the University Safety Services website)

Are the following records of training available?

  • 13) Relevant University run H&S training courses

  • 14) Specialist external training courses

  • 15) Laboratory induction and training in use of equipment

Are the following records available and up to date?

  • 16) Disposal of hazardous waste

  • 17) Use of equipment log books

  • 18) Maintenance of equipment log books

Risk Assessments

Have appropriate assessments of the following items been carried out?

  • 19) COSHH

  • 20) Visual Display Units

  • 21) Noise

  • 22) Vibration

  • 23) Lifting equipment

  • 24) Pressure systems (NB. gas cylinders generally are not classified as pressure systems)

  • 25) Radiological protection

  • 26) Laser equipment

  • 27) Biological agents

  • 28) Manual handling

Other examinations and records (if relevant)

  • 29) Electrical testing

  • 30) Radiological protection (film badges/dosimeters)

  • 31) Access equipment (ladders, steps etc)

  • 32) Other

Guards, Emergency Equipment and Signs

Is the appropriate guarding in place for the following?

  • 33) Moving parts (centrifuges, drives gears etc)

  • 34) Emissions (X-rays, lasers etc)

  • 35) Spark proof refrigerators/freezers

If required, are the following available?

  • 36) First Aid box (NB. first aid boxes are not necessarily required if one is available nearby, in which case please state the location in the comment box)

  • 37) If "yes" to Q36, is it fully stocked and up to date?

  • 38) Special hazards (e.g. chemical spill) equipment

  • 39) If "yes" to Q38, is it fully stocked and up to date?

  • 40) Other

If required, are the following notices and signs displayed?

  • 41) Overnight equipment running notice (If equipment is left "ON" overnight then a notice is required on the outer door indicating what to do and whom to contact in case of emergency)

  • 42) Hazard area/restricted access

  • 43) Individual hazard, prohibition and mandatory signs

Premises, Fixtures and Fittings

Are the following adequate and in good working order?

  • 44) Lighting

  • 45) Heating

  • 46) General ventilation

  • 47) Windows

  • 48) Floors

  • 49) Doors

Where fitted, are the following services in good order?

  • 50) Electrical supply

  • 51) Gas supply

  • 52) Water Supply

  • 53) Sink Waste

  • 54) Telephone

  • 55) Emergency alarm equipment (smoke detectors, alarm call point)

House Keeping

  • 56) Is the room/area clean and tidy?

  • 57) Is general storage adequate?

  • 58) If required, is dangerous substances storage adequate?

  • 59) If required, is gas cylinder storage adequate?

  • 60) Are the floor and passages clear of obstructions?

  • 61) If required, are personal wash facilities available?

  • 62) If "yes" to Q61, are they (sink, soap, towel, etc) in good order?

Specialist Ventilation/Air Handling

  • 63) Is there an appropriate dust extract system where required?

  • 64) Is there an appropriate fume extract system where required?

  • 65) Are the air flow test/maintenance records up to date?

  • 66) If air handling is used, is it running and being maintained properly?


Are the following in good order and suitable for the intended purpose?

  • 67) Chairs

  • 68) Work surface (desk/table/bench)

  • 69) Shelving (wall mounted/cupboards)

  • 70) File cabinets

  • 71) Window blinds

Health and Health Monitoring

Personal Health Surveillance

If required, have users been advised about the following health checks?

  • 72) Visual Display Units (eye examination and ergonomic assessment if required)

  • 73) Lasers (eye examination)

  • 74) Radiological activity checks (film badges)

  • 75) Any other

Personal Protective Equipment

If required, are the following used, stored and maintained correctly?

  • 76) Laboratory coat etc

  • 77) Gloves

  • 78) Eye protection

  • 79) Respiratory protection

  • 80) Footwear

  • 81) Hearing protection

Biological Hazards

  • 82) Are there any samples containing biological agents?

  • 83) If "yes" to Q82, are the relevant control measures in place?

  • 84) If required, have legionella risk assessments been completed?

  • 85) If "yes" to Q83, are the relevant control measures in place?

  • 86) If the area is used to culture and enumerate microorganisms, are the precautions adequate?

Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses

  • 87) Have all users been informed of the importance of, and procedures for, reporting accidents, incidents and near misses?

Further Actions

Further action required, including an agreed date by which any action must be carried out. NB. This section MUST be filled in to finish the audit.

Please highlight examples of good H&S practice observed in this lab/workshop/store. NB. This section MUST be filled in to finish the audit.


  • Responsible person

  • Responsible person 2

  • External PSI inspector

  • External PSI inspector 2

  • Other

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