• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Employee's Name and Department

  • Date/Time of Observation

Occupation and Time at Present Job

Task Observed

Type of Observation

  • Initial

  • Follow up

Reason for Observation

  • Critical Task

  • New Worker

  • Incident Repeater

  • Good Performer

  • Poor Performer

  • Other

Task Description

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Major steps required to complete task, describe:

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  • Is PPE required? List what is required.

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  • Is lock out required?

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  • Are all Golden Rules being followed?

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  • Are there any special instructions from the supervisor for the employee for completing the task at hand?

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  • Is the "We Care" card filled out properly?

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General Questions

  • Could any of these practices/conditions observed result in property damage, personal injury or illness? Describe

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  • We're the methods and practices the most efficient and productive? If "NO" describe.

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  • Did the practice observed comply with all of the applicable procedures or standards that exist for the task? If "NO" describe.

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  • Did you observe any practices or aspects of the task that were improvements which deserve recognition? If "YES" describe.

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  • Describe clearly below practices deserving compliment/correction:

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  • Have you complimented or reconstructed the worker on these observations?

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  • Should a follow up observation of this worker be made on the near future? If "YES" why?

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  • Describe any standard procedure, method or equipment you observed that management should consider changing in the interest of safety or productivity:

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  • Follow up actions required:

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  • Observer

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