Software Install

Games, MSN explorer, and messenger disabled under add/remove programs-windows features (WindowsXP only)

RMS installed including the scanned documents installer and XPS viewer-(if WindowsXP)

DVD and Roxio installed (for Dell or HP)

Offline files / sync disabled?

iTunes installed?

Adobe Reader, Java and Flash Player installed?

Updates for Adobe Reader, Flash Player, and Java disabled?

Bomgar installed and setup with user information in the rep console?

Microsoft office installed (make sure to choose full or complete install)?

Microsoft Office is activated and verified to make sure activation took?

If office 2003, is the 2007 compatibility pack installed?

Windows updates

Windows Essentials / windows live / bing bar and bing desktop updates hidden and not installed?

All other available Microsoft updates installed?

Automatic updates disabled and uncheck box to allow all users to install updates.

Once joined to domain

Audit current computer and compare software installs to ensure all software is reinstalled

Sophos antivirus installed?

Webcam and signature pad setup and tested (CID Sgt. and admin assistant only)

Any available DVR codecs installed, also VLC media player and DIVX?

Disable all forms of sleep/hibernate (if windowsXP this must be under every login).

Kyocera TWAIN driver installed and configured to work with RMS?

User has standard user rights?

Desktop icons for word, excel, outlook, helpdesk, copied to all users desktop?

Current version of Quest Password Manager installed?

RMS tested?

User setup to print to network printers in their dept (local printers if they have one)?

Setup mapped network drives?

Email setup?

If thin client or SSD drive, uncheck offline exchange mode during manual setup (right below where you enter server)

Out and About installed and setup?

Milestone Camera software installed and server IP address entered, user logged in (to save settings)

Voice recorder installed and plugged into any front facing/side USB ports?
(Must be plugged into any USB port that is easily accessible by the detective-will prompt for admin rights)

Scan system into helpdesk - verify it scanned successfully

If new system, enter monitors, etc into helpdesk.