Audit Item to be checked

1. Audit Items

  • 1.1 Have all the subcontractors workers been inducted into the site?

  • 1.2 Has the Supervisor (leading hand) and each worker signed the site specific Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) if they are performing a high risk activity?

  • 1.3 Are all workers carrying their Construction Industry Induction Card (white card)?

  • 1.4 Are Safety Data Sheets available for use for all Hazardous Substances being used on site by the subcontractors?

  • 1.5 Are all electrical tools and leads tested and tagged three monthly, and not damaged?

  • 1.6 Is an RCD (safety switch) portable power board being used (domestic power boards are not permitted on construction sites)?

  • 1.7 Is any work at heights being performed by the subcontractor, and if so is it being done in a safe manner (e.g compliance with the SWMS, safe use of ladders)?

  • 1.8 Are scaffolds and trestles (above 2m in heights) compliant, fully planked and with appropriate access and edge protection?

  • 1.9 Are heavy duty (industrial rated) ladders being used on site and tied off when accessing roofs?

  • 1.10 Is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) being worn appropriately?

  • 1.11 Is the operator of any mobile plant appropriately licensed and has a plant pre start checklist been completed?

  • 1.12 Is appropriate supervision being provided by the subcontractor to young/inexperienced workers on site?

  • 1.13 Any other safety related items that require corrective action by the subcontractor?

2. Safe Work Method Statement Review (SWMS)

  • 2.1 Does the SWMS detail the subcontractors company details?

  • 2.2 Does the SWMS detail the name of the person responsible for developing and approving the SWMS?

  • 2.3 Does the SWMS detail Villa World as the Principal Contractor?

  • 2.4 Does the SWMS detail the dob site, lot number or address where the work is carried out?

  • 2.5 Does the SWMS list the steps that must be taken to safely carry out the high risk works, and lists the control measures of how the risks will be managed (to the best of your knowledge)?

  • 2.6 Have all workers performing the high risk task signed the SWMS?

3. HSE Non-Conformance Notice

  • 3.1 Was a HSE Non-Conformance Notice issued? (if yes, please ensure a copy is sent to the National HSE Manager)

4. Approval

  • Site Manager/Supervisor Name

  • Add signature

  • Select date

Version 1 - 20/06/2016

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