• Plant Number

  • Customer name

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Kilometres/ Hours at Off Hire

  • Is the vehicle due for a Service?

  • What Service is due?


  • Depot completing Off Hire


  • Photograph of plant item (minimum of 10)

  • Is there any visible damage

  • Photograph of damage on plant item

  • Cost estimate to repair or replace damaged component (ex GST)

  • Has the plant item been returned clean and free of road grime and dirt

  • Photo of cleaning required

  • Approximate time it will take to clean (hours)

  • Is the interior clean

  • Photos of cleaning required

  • Approximate time it will take to clean (hours)

  • Is the Windscreen, Mirrors and Lenses free of cracks and chips

  • Photograph of cracks and chips

  • Cost estimate to repair or replace cracked or chipped component (ex GST)

  • Has the plant item returned full of fuel

  • How many litres did it take to fill

  • Is there Emulsion?

  • How many litres for disposal?

  • Are the tyres in good repair with no visual signs of driver abuse or damage to sidewall

  • Photo of damaged tyre

  • Cost estimate to repair or replace tyre (ex GST)

  • Spare tyre returned


  • First Aid Kit returned?

  • Spare key returned?

  • Fire extinguisher pressure correct and inspection tag in date?

  • Is a UHF fitted?


  • Risk Assessment returned

  • Operations Manual returned

  • Daily Check Sheet Book returned


  • Are any attachments, broom cores or buckets returned with plant item

  • Photograph of each attachment, broom core or buckets

  • Are the Ground engaging tools (G.E.T) worn.

  • Photo of (G.E.T) ware

  • Percentage wear left

  • Cost estimate to replace G.E.T (ex GST)


  • Signature of inspector

  • Signature of customer

  • Comments

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