• Select date

Precast panel Set Up

  • Panel Number

Form work and Bond Breaker

  • Check Width height diagonal

  • Check form work is bolted securely

  • Check for service penatrations

  • Check bond breaker has been applied and dry before placing rebar

  • R.O. For door correct?

  • R.O. For windows correct?

  • Plywood strips in place and secure?

  • Reveal in place and correct?

  • MEP. items secure?

Reinforcing Steel

  • Check size and position of perimeter and intermediate reinforcing bar

  • Check mesh Tie wire and bar chairs

  • Diagonal bars at opening

  • Correct bars in beam?

  • Clearances acceptable?

  • Tie spacing acceptable?

  • No tie wire in bottom of panel?

  • Correct # of chairs?

Cast In plates

  • Check cast in plates. Far Face (flush or recessed)

  • Check cast in plates. Near Face. ( flush or recessed)

Lifting and Bracing

  • Check position bracing Near Face

  • Check position bracing Far Face

  • Check position of Near Face lifting

  • Check position Far Face lifting

  • Check position of Top Edge lifters

  • Subcontractors signature

Engineer inspection

  • Engineer to provide approval to pour panel
    site inspection

  • Site Manager signiture

Pre- Pour of Concrete

  • Check all concrete tools are available

  • Check concrete crew is adequate to carry out the pour

  • Check troweling machine is serviced ( fuel and oil) and starts correctly

  • Check vibrator is serviced ( fuel and oil) and starts correctly

  • Check backup machines are available

  • Order concrete pump ( panels above six high)

  • Order concrete. Confirm correct Concrete strength and confirm Slump
    note order concrete with a higher slump if a wetter mix is required. No water is to be added on site

  • Check site is clear for concrete truck and pump

  • Check all site services under ground and above ground are protected from trucks and machinery

  • Site manager signiture

Pour Concrete

  • Check concrete is vibrated

  • Check that feast in plates and lifters are secure and haven't moved

  • Check all Near Face have been positioned

  • Check panel is troweled to a flat hard smooth finish

  • Check bond breaker has been Applied

Strip Formwork

  • Remove formwork
    check for defects

  • Check all cast in plates and lifters are still correct

Panel defects

  • List defects

  • Method of rectification

  • Time frame to rectify panel

  • Site Manager

  • Sub Contractor

  • Select date

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